Stack it up, baby!!!

Bored of your outfit but not quite sure what to do about it? The answer is pretty simple, just stack it up, baby!!! And by that, i mean your jeweleries. My taste in jewelry is actually in between, i like both simple and big statement pieces, and it all depends on my mood that day. I normally only wear one piece of jewelry at a time as i don’t like over doing it. But i read from magazines that stacking up your jeweleries is a great way to make your look more fun and creative!

I think the fun thing about this concept is that you  can create a rock chic or elegant look, and it all comes down to what kind of jewelry you stack up with. You can go for the rock chic look by mixing jeweleries of diffent types and textures, such as beaded braclets, gold braclets, leather studded braclets or even watches. The same goes with rings, where you can choose rings of different sizes, colors, and shapes. The list is endless so you just gotta play around with it and have fun! As for the elegant look, i think the main key is to keep your jeweleries in the same color and texture and stack it up from there!

What about you? Do you prefer the stack up or simple look when it comes to accessorizing?


Photo source: here and here



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3 responses to “Stack it up, baby!!!

  1. Hi Cinz! This is a really great post! I love all the pictures you gathered! I like to do both with my jewelry! But usually, I love wearing just one statement piece. But when I’m feeling rock n’roll (:-), I tend to wear a ton of stacked up studs bracelets! xoxoxoo

  2. I love this trend. Accessories are fun to mix and match….I like all the different pics you gathered!

  3. love this post! the stacks of bangles get me every time. I love that look.

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