My Tiffany

 It’s been a few days since i last blogged and i have to say, i really enjoyed my blogging break this time. I had 4 amazing days with my brother and his family, and i’m already missing the kids soooo much!!! They left yesterday and it was so weird when i came home and it was dead silent, lol. Oh well, I guess we need to get back to our daily life routines at some point, right?

I know this is a super duper delayed post but I just remembered that i forgot to show you guys what BF got me for Valentines Day!!!! He was really sweet and took me to this steak house Wooloomooloo where we had a nice evening over delish steak and red wine:) And then he surprised me with this lovely Tiffany braclet!!! I only just got my braclet back recently as i had to get it altered, which was over a month ago! So you can imagine how happy i am to be reunited with my Tiffany baby, i love it!!! 

Anyhow, hope you all are enjoying your weekend, have a great one:D



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11 responses to “My Tiffany

  1. Oh that is a gorgeous bracelet! Aww, your bf is too sweet. I’m still waiting for something like that from mine, haha. 😛 Glad you had an amazing Valentine’s with him. And he’s just so thoughtful! 🙂 Definitely a keeper ay!

    Hope things are good with you, sweetie. xx

  2. the jewelry looks so precious and beautiful…I covet the heart shape tiffany

    hope you have an amazing weekend love…and thank you for your sweet comments…

    Yes I love Bruno Mars and grenade has been playing in my mind over and over again hahahaha…


  3. Hi Cinz! Wow, you’re such a lucky girl! It’s such a beautiful and sweet gift! Yeah, sunscreen is a must for me but I have yet to something that doesn’t leave a white sheen on the face. Any recommendations? Hope you’re having a great Sunday! xoxooxo

  4. Clare

    Gorgeous! He did goood girl! What a great gift.

  5. It’s always nice to take a little break.

    Better late than never! The bracelet is gorgeous. Love the color.


  6. So pretty! Your man has awesome taste!

  7. Hmmm Valentine’s Day…yep, just a tiny bit late. lol. Glad you had a good break though! And Tiffany’s?! : O So many girls would die to get a blue box (me included), and here you are with one! Such an awesome bf!

    Btw, glad you got my April Fool’s joke! There were a couple people who didn’t quite catch the joke, and were wishing me luck with the new direction of my blog. That’s the trouble with things not celebrated internationally! ; D

  8. The bracelet is gorgeous! I have a Tiffany’s bracelet and love it so much.

  9. wow! that’s gorgeous! i always go into tiffany & drool, then leave sads. i’m glad you got to add it to your collection, your bf is top-notch!

  10. this is so pretty!!

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