Bold lips

There’s been a lot of bold and vibrant colors going on in the fashion industry lately and i am absolutely loving it!!! Spring is here so what better timing than now to flash those colorful lippies to the world?????

Ironically, i hardly get to wear lipstick or lipgloss as the majority of my time i’m at work and the color tends to wear off, or i’m just busy eating, lol. But i always manage to touch up my lips on the weekend or if i wanna fresh up my look.  I actually bought the Dior Pink Veil (#654) lipgloss recently from the Dior Spring Collection 2011 and the color is just perfect for me! It’s pinkish, glossy and not too over the top, which is how i like it. You can see the Dior lipgloss from my previous post here.

Anyhow, so here are some gorgeous bold lippies for you to enjoy!!!

 Photo Source: fashionising and fashionspot



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8 responses to “Bold lips

  1. ooh i love me some bold lip! i’m wearing it now! although – you’re right, it does tend to fade & i’m always eating…also i tend to touch my lips so then it’s on my hands, which gets on my keyboard and on my clothes…sigh. i still love it though!

  2. Those bold lips would go excellent with those neon bags hehe!


    Le Choix Trois

  3. Hi Cinz! Wow, those bold lips are beautiful! I especially love the last two! Thank you for telling me which sunscreen you use because I want to get a good one for my face! xxooxoo

  4. cam

    I love all of the colors they are amazing ;);)

  5. i used to wear red lipstick to work all the time! so much so that when i’m not working, i shunned it. now i’m just seeing this look everywhere! maybe i should just ransacked my cosmetic bag for that lipstick again….

  6. I love the Bold Lip look!!! Especially with minimal eyes and unkempt hair. Very sexy and feminine…

  7. I think I am definitely going to go for the bold lip this spring. I love how it looks in these pictures. I think I am going to try the coral bold lip first. Great post!

  8. I LOVE the bold lips. I’ve been rocking a hot pink lately and it’s my favorite. I’ve even gone into the orange-y red territory which I never thought I’d do but it’s not as bad as I thought!

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