Photo Sunday – Pure Seduction

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7 responses to “Photo Sunday – Pure Seduction

  1. Oh wow, seduction is a great way to describe these photos! So sultry, especially with the model bending her neck like that, and the dark eye makeup. Love the first photo.

  2. Hi Cinz! Wow, the last photo is stunning! Perfect expression of seduction! I love reading your comment and I wish more people keep their promises and love for each other in a relationship. I need to check out that movie now that you mentioned it! I love seeing old couples when I go out! There was one time I was hanging out at the beach by myself and I saw this elderly couple and they were both smiling and the husband gently put his arms around his wife. It was just so sweet and genuine! It really makes me feel so happy to see couples like that!

    I hope that one day I’ll have someone to be romantic with all my life! 🙂 xooxxoo

  3. Yes seduction it is!!! Stunning. This would make any man go WOW!!


  4. Sexy and hot Cinz!

  5. Clare

    Stunning and hot hot hoooot! I really like the first photo.

  6. Definitely seductive. My favorite is the last shot of her reflections! It gives off a deeper vibe to the word seduce. Or so I think. x

  7. AMAZING PHOTOS, the model looks gorgeous and the photoshoot is very sexy without being erotic!!
    Great Blog

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