Bow me away!!!

I think i feel a bow inspiration coming this way, peeps! What can i say? I used to love bows as a kid and quite frankly, it’s never really left us (or me anyway, lol) in the fashion sense, has it? This trend has been recycled repeatedly and it’s a trend that i see never dying. Bows are so cute and sweet that it would just be sad to see it gone, don’t  you think so?!

Here are some great inspirational bow photos that i found and i hope they inspire you as well.  It’s amazing how bows can be incorporated into almost everything,  from hair clips, clothes, shoes,  hairbands,  bags,  lingerie, and the list goes on!  As the saying goes, the sky is the limit 😉

Happy Friday and lets bow in style,lol…

Bows on the catwalk scene

Daily Bow Inspirations

Photo Source: tumblr, style, fashionising, and Stockholm streetstyle



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6 responses to “Bow me away!!!

  1. I adore bows too!! I actually made a lot of DIYs with them too. Lol. 🙂

    I’m loving the 4th photo!!!


  2. I love bows! What girl doesn’t, right? This is perfect bow inspiration. I’m loving all the pictures, and am thinking that I need more bows in my life.

  3. Hi Cinz! Wow, this is such a gorgeous post about bows! I think bows are so feminine and can be a great statement in an outfit! I really love it on the accessories like bags and shoes! And tattoos! How cool is that?! Your casual Friday work outfit sounds really chic! You never fail anything with black skinny jeans 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend! xoxoxoxo

  4. the bow is really the IN thing right now…something everyone is loving and getting crazy about!!!! I love it…



  5. I LOVE BOWS³!!!
    They’re taking their place in this season.
    Girly, romantic, sexy and always amazing!

    Great blog.

  6. So much cuteness in one post!
    Also about the notepad background, I copy and paste every photo onto the notepad and just resize it to fit. I’ve started changing the dpi on both images to 300 but that’s about it, hope this helps!

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