Are you feeling the wedge?

As we draw closer to summer by the day, and as my feet wiggles anxiously to get ready to show case to the world, i suddenly have a super strong urge to buy some WEDGES!!!! Yes, it’s getting warmer and i can finally say adios to my booties, thank god!!!!

 Wedges are seen everywhere at the moment where i’ve spotted it in Aldo, Nine West, Steven Madden, and etc. I normally don’t buy wedges as i’ve got super skinny legs and so the wedges would just look gigantic on me. But there is one trick and i guess maybe you ladies have tried it too. I  tend to cover my wedges with  flared jeans to cover my skinny legs whilst giving me height. The only down fall about this? You don’t get to see the full design  of the wedge! Yep, it’s not a two way thing in this situation eh? lol.   Anyhow, i’ve decided to give wedges a go again because they are just so perfect for this weather!!!

Wedge Moodboard

Wedge your way to fashion

 Wedge Inspirations

Wedges – up close and personal

Photo Source: Stockholm Street Style and Tumblr



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8 responses to “Are you feeling the wedge?

  1. Yes I’m feeling the wedge!!! I love them: definitely the perfect summer shoe.

  2. Oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!! I’m a wedge and platform kind of gal. I love the chunky wedge and anything extravagant!!


  3. These wedges are all so gorgeous. I love that wegdes are totally on trend at the mo, they’re so comfortable! I actually bought some recently but they’re more like flatforms rather than proper wedges- still pretty cute though. Oh and yes, I adore ViVi! I’m about to post up the last of my scans for the April issue, Namie Amuro is beautiful isn’t she?

  4. Clare

    I am still on the fence about the wedge. Not because they are ugly. They are FAB i am on the fence about them because of my bird legs. Sometime a skinny wirey leg and a clunky shoe is gross looking haha

  5. I need some comfy wedges for this summer!!

  6. This is the best post about wedges! I also have skinny legs so I tend to buy wedges that are like 2 or 3 inches high. I love all the streetstyle photos you picked! Great inspiration Cinz! Right now, my favorite place to find wedges are urbanoutfitters and nordstrom! xoxoxoo

  7. I still can’t decide about wedges. I need to go and try a few on, I need a perfect shoe for Spring in NY right now. They never look comfortable and the height can put me off, but I like those on your own moodboard.

  8. I am definitely a wedge type of gal…I always go for the wedge over heels and platform shoes…they are comfy and just amazingly sexy too…


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