Blake Lively takes on Elle (Singapore)!!!

I just bought the Elle Singapore April issue and it’s the first time ever in my life buying the Singaporean version. I just suddenly had this urge to buy a non US or UK issue and plus, i was on a budget and Elle Singapore was much cheaper, lol.  And of course, the gorgeous Blake Lively was on the cover so that was a bonus for me!!!

I gotta say, i’m happy i tried out a diff mag because Elle Singapore has just as much great fashion information, images, and beauty tips and it’s some what more catered to the Asian market (duh), whilst incorporating fashion at an international level. It’s a must buy! And i realized it’s fun experimenting with other branded magazine reads as you get to see how other magazines lay out their fashion contents, and what kind of fashion news or type of articles are written about. The only down fall of buying fashion magazines that you’ve not read before? You risk wasting money if you end up with a crap azz magazine that is filled with lousy and non interesting contents and loads of advertisements (i hate those!!!).

So wanna know what it looks like inside Elle Singapore without paying a single dollar? You just got lucky because i’ve taken some photos of the April issue so you can take a sneak peak. Enjoy!!!

Interview with Blake Lively

Fashion trends

Beauty Products/Advice

Fashion shots

(All photos accredited to me)



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9 responses to “Blake Lively takes on Elle (Singapore)!!!

  1. Congrats to her! She’s so lovely. Ugh, I would die to have those sheer pants! They’re spectacular!!

    Happy Friday!


  2. I’m so behind on my blog reading and arriving at your blog and seeing all these colourful images made me smile… I love the trousers she is wearing on the cover. Are they chiffon? Do you know the designer?

  3. I”m not usually a Blake Lively (well, Serena) fan, but she looks fantastic in the pictures. And I absolutely love the colouful editorial.
    It’s always fun to read something completely different.

  4. Wow Cinz! Thank you so much for uploading these images! I especially love the beauty pages (the layout is stunning!) and of course, the cover! Those sheer pants, I die! What are you doing this weekend?! xoxoxoo

  5. I love the fact that Elle Singapore is being published in English…which makes it easier for us to read and collect while I have to take in consideration the magazines here…they always seemed to translate it in Thai and the English versions are three times expensive compared to the translated one…so you just know how it sucks ahahaha


  6. Elle Singapore is a lot similar to Marie Claire Brazil, really!!!
    And this country has grown up it’s fashion side since last decade. I thnk we can expect amazing things from them!

    BTW, loved that you tried something different, where i live, every foreign item is WAAAAAY more expensive.

    Oh, and i fixed up the phto problem on my last post, tnks for notice that 😉

  7. Ah it looks great! Thanks so much for sharing the scans. For similar reasons, I rarely buy British magazines (but do occasionally) and usually spend my money on imported magazines because they are more specific to Asian fashions and things like make up!

  8. She looks great on the cover!

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