Color popping

I went shopping over the weekend and i couldn’t help but notice the color blocking trend. I know i’ve blogged about it but seeing it in person was another experience. All the vibrant colors got me really excited and i’m so looking forward to embrace summer in colors!!!

I even got myself a green silky green top from Zara, and it has these short sleeves with cute ruffle detailings on it. It’s got a cute small bow in the front and with small buttons that goes all the way down. I’ll try and take a photo of it when i got time.

Here are some fabulous color blocking photos that has gotten me all excited!!! I say, keep the colors popping peeps!!!

Color Blocking on the cat walk scene

Street Style Color Blocking

Color Blocking Inspirations




Photo Source: Style, Fashion Gone Rogue, Tumblr, Weheartit,



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7 responses to “Color popping

  1. I’m loving all the colour blocking too, it makes me want to go on holiday though! I think i know which Zara top you got, I’ve seen it (I think) and it’s really pretty and so perfect for colour blocking!

  2. Colour blocking is an amazing trend. So many bloggers are looking fantastic in it. I’m still a bit scared to try it! I did get orange jeans today, so maybe that’s a start.

  3. Can’t be shy with those outfits on! Your blouse sounds chic. I gotta get me some color too.

  4. Clare

    I LOOOVE color blocking. It is so so cuuute and pretty and flattering

  5. Doesn’t this trend make you happy? Still trying to get more colour in my wardrobe. step by step! And i just LOVE that you just put a Cambridge Satchel in your first moodboard. Dying to get one (have you seen the neon colours on my blog?).

    Big bisous!

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  6. Amazing collection of color-blocking trend Cinz! I absolutely love the photo with Constance! So beautiful! Bright colors always makes me happy and I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer too! So far, the bright color I’m wearing is coral. I need to stock up on other colors!

    Your comment makes me smile! You’re so right! I blog after I have done all my homework, and usually, I sleep way past midnight everyday and it’s not good. But I feel like I’m going to disappoint my readers and mostly myself if I don’t come up with something good! xoxoxoo

  7. I think we’re all currently obsessed over colorblocking!!!


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