Photo Sunday – Royal Romance

Such a sweet royal wedding to be remembered:)

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7 responses to “Photo Sunday – Royal Romance

  1. I just came across your lovely blog 🙂
    This was such a gorgeous wedding! Kate look stunning and elegant! The bridesmaids and flower girls were to cute!

    btw I love your last post! A look I havent tried yet, but definatley going to

  2. It was such a beautiful ceromony. I was glued to the TV for the whole day.
    They are such a gorgeous couple and Kate looked stunning.

  3. Aw you found some lovely images there. I didn’t see this cute car before, so funny!!

  4. Kate and her sister looked stunning!!!


  5. Clare

    I cannot get ENOUGH of this royal wedding stuff!!

  6. You have no idea how much this weeding inspired me, i even made a post about it. I loved the photo selection.
    Did you see the evening dress she wore? was stuning as this is!


  7. Love these photos so much! It’s full of romance and happiness! Will and Kate are made for each other, aren’t they? It’s like a fairy tale coming true, and witnessing two people who will actually live happily after! You’re so lucky to have so many holidays Cinz! Enjoy your week and see you soon! xoxoxoo

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