The Pursuit of Happiness

At a very young age, i remember always being a very happy and positive minded person and that is always the motive that i keep striving for everyday. I’ve been kinda ill lately and I’ve taken a few days off work and to top it off, a lot of stuff has been going on in my personal life.  You know how you just have those blah moments where nothing seems to be going right? Well, that is how i feel right now but i choose to have a positive outlook because no matter what we encounter in life, good or bad, we must embrace it and walk the walk of life. We will all have our small or big falls along the way but eventually we all get there:)

Yes, i know this is a little too heavy to intake on a Friday afternoon but hey, at least we’re looking forward to a chillaxing weekend right?!? Anyhow, so back to my point. Never lose faith in life and we should always look at things on the brighter side, even when it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. With that said, i have personally selected some happy photos to share with you guys. May it lift your spirits up no matter what you are going through right now.

Happy Friday peeps!!!!

Street Style Happy Inspirations

Photo Source: We heart it  and Fashionising



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10 responses to “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Sorry to hear about the tough time! But these pictures are perfect happy inspiration! Each one made me smile. I love that smiley cookie.

  2. These happy photos are just what I needed! Thanks for sharing, and just keep smiling! 🙂

    sorelle in style

  3. Hey Cinz! I have to say I’m in the exact position where you are right now. I’m usually a very sunny person and I don’t mean to sound arrogant or anything but I’m nice to everybody but I get really tired when even when I don’t do anything to anyone, some people just can’t stop harassing me or being mean to me. I’m talking about some people at my work, especially my boss. I have to wake up early tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading of seeing her but that’s life I suppose. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and talk to you soon! xoxoxoxoo

  4. Mich

    Being happy is really important when you are happy you are more beautiful and radiant!
    I am aware of with you!

    Kiss Mich!

    Visit my blog, if you like!

  5. What lovely images! Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far!

  6. Oooh, I absolutely know what you mean and how you feel! I have those periods of those kinda feelings every now and then. It’s only normal anyway. 🙂 Check this post of mine:

    I’m sure you’d love it! It’s about this guy who despite his adversities, decides to focus on the little positive things about life that people tend to forget. 🙂 Loved the images you shared – they’re so happy-fying.

    Hope you’ve been feeling a lot better and cheery nowadays, gorgeous! Much love from Malaysia. xx

  7. Clare

    I hope you are feeling better! I LOVED this post! It is crazy inspirational

  8. So inspirational! I understand how you feel completely (and thank you for the comment, I too feel slightly better now)
    I hope life gets back on track soon


  9. Marlene

    The dress of the woman on the bycycle is sooo so beautiful!!! Just saw one like this from Vero Moda in the city… still thinking whether i should buy it!!! 🙂

    Love your blog and the way to wright…. definitly going to visit you again! 🙂

    Kisses from Germany,

  10. You know, I really think positive thought can be helpful in life. Also embracing the beauty around us, going for a walk, spending time laughing… the image on the bike is my favourite here. They look like they are having such fun!

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