Macaron Paradise!

Anyone that knows me will know that i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee macarons!!! So you can imagine how excited i was when i saw these lovely images of Theurel & Thomas, a patisserie in Mexico that specializes in French macarons! They went through a process of rebranding and redesign last year and the results are stunning.

I really like how they used white as the main color to give it a clean, simple, and and luxury look. I especially love the effect of how they contrast the colorful macarons against the white background. Stylish and yummy indeed!

Now if only i could get a plane ticket and fly to visit this store in San Pedro, Mexico! That would be a dream come true and plus, i so need a vacay anyway!!! lol

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9 responses to “Macaron Paradise!

  1. Ah ,yes they are absolutely delicious!!!


  2. I love macarons. Theyre awesome! They’ve just opened a Laduree in london and I love it there.

  3. The place looks beautiful! And the macarons so so delightful. x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Cinz! I think white is such a smart color to showcase the color of macaroons! I love to eat them too :-). Yeah, blogging really makes me happy when things in my life are going crazy and I’m really glad I have amazing readers/friends that I can lean on! xoxoxoxoo

  5. This place looks yummy, elegant, fun, and chic all at the same time !!!!

    Love and Live your Fashion at viva La Qbee03

  6. I looove macarons too! Yum!

  7. These pictures are so stunning! Love the interior and the effect of the brightly coloured macarons that clash and contradict! Would LOVE to go here… as I to love Macarons ^_^


  8. Sorry but did you say “Mexico”?! Not what I would have expected but talk about beautiful! I love the simplicity of the packaging – very chic!

  9. The interior design there is just perfect as a way of showing off the yummy macarons. Spot on. Now I have a big craving…

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