Mini Fashionistas takes on Vogue Paris

I just came across this kids editorial for Vogue Paris (Dec – Jan 2010-11) called Cadeaux and it caught my attention immediately.  First of all, I do find the kids  super cute and glamorous but after reading the negative comments, I was quite surprised. Apparently some people think that this editorial exploits kids in a sexual manner and i can see where they are coming from.

But i have to say, it really depends on how you see it.  I think that it’s more of an expression of creativity tossed in along with fashion and photography.  I personally like how the photographer Sharif Hamza managed to capture the different angles and to even get the kids to pose like that, which is certainly not easy at their age! Anyway, that is just what i think.

What about you guys? What do you think about this kids editorial?

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13 responses to “Mini Fashionistas takes on Vogue Paris

  1. I LOVE this!! 😀

  2. Clare

    I have loved this editorial for so log. It is so amazing and witty. And i LOVE the ballerina photo you shared with me!

  3. They are super adorable: there’s no denying that. But kids fashion and editorials have come under the spotlight recently. I guess they do look more grown up and getting kids into fashion at such an early age can put them under lots of pressure and not let them enjoy their childhood. But then again, I always overthink things, so this could also just be a bit of fun.

  4. I think they’re adorable!

  5. I definitely think they’ve been sexualized, just look at the top right picture. Sure a couple of them are cute but I’m not a fan.

  6. This is my favorite Vogue editorial of the year. The first time I saw it, I got stunned of how glamorous those kids look, showing to lots of models that you can be great with no tries to look sexy. They are just great, girl!!!!


  7. Wow!!! Amazing. Need I say more!!?


  8. Hey Cinz! I kind of hate and love this editorial. I think the styling is great and one of the reasons why I love fashion is because it’s always controversial and pushing boundaries. But I think children should be kept out of this, you know. When a kid is over 18 years old and is age of consent, it’s fine with me but under that age, I feel kind of iffy seeing them in these kind of adult poses. That’s my opinion.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxoo

  9. Ah, very interesting post! Overall, I don’t really see it as exploitation in a sexual manner. The poses are not really sexual…they’re more so just glamorous, and somewhat “prissy”. But nothing too overtly sexual. However, what I find disconcerting is the glamour. Kids this young should not cake on this much makeup and wear such frivolous fashion. Although, keeping in mind that this is simply a fashion editorial, made for fun, I do quite enjoy the photos.

  10. They’re too adorable! I think that this editorial is amazinnng. Love it!

    However I really don’t think it’s exploitation or sexual or anything wrong. Everything is professionally done and all decent. Well perhaps it’s just exposing them to the fashion/modeling world that is a little too negative for young girls. Other than that, I think it’s good! x

  11. omg what an incredible editorial! these girls look so pretty like dolls

  12. swisshera

    I don’t really see anything sexual here. Especially when you look at these kids’ expression, they really are enjoying what they are doing.

    and vogue is about fashion, people shouldn’t be looking for sexual excitement from Vogue, come on now! The coin always have 2 sides and I guess the world can never freaking agree to one damn thing..haha! nice post btw!

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