Long weekend with Kylie Minogue and high tea’ing

This past long weekend was super chilled and fun as we only had four days of work. Yep, i love long weekends and i wish we could get more of them! Unlike America, we were not celebrating 4th of July (surprise surprise eh!).  Now not to sound too boring but let me give you a little bit of history about this public holiday that we celebrate in Hong Kong. July 1st is the special day celebrated every year over here for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day. In short form, this marks the day of July 1st, 1997 when the land of Hong Kong was returned to the People’s Republic of China from the United Kingdom, marking the end of the British rule in Hong Kong. I guess it’s kinda similar to the meaning behind Fourth of July eh?

Anyway, this is just a quick post to update you all on what i did over the long weekend. Now what better way to spend July 1st than being with the lovely Kylie Minogue!?!?!!? Yes, you read that right, lol. I went to the Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Live concert and I’m not a like a big big fan but i have to say, it was the bomb! The concert was much better than i had expected. I took some photos of the concert but please excuse the poor photo quality as i had to zooom in super close! Yeah, the seats were pretty far away but the ticket prices were already so damn expensive! 

Her live performance was awesome and her singing was fantastic!!! I don’t understand how you can sing for 2 hours without losing your voice and still manage to hit high pitched notes! It was crazy and did i mention what a great and sweet entertainer she was? She  was really friendly and sang a few classic oldies that i loved, such as “Do the Locomotion” and “I should be so lucky”!!! OMG, i literally danced my azz off! lol…i was sooo high and of course i mean the natural way, hahaha. The theme of her concert seemed to evolve around this Roman theme but i gotta say, all her outfits were soo pretty! I loved her first outfit when she opened the show, simply amazing white flowy dress and loved her hair piece! I’m not sure what they are called but they were some kinda Roman wings? You guys know the term for it? lol. The acrobatic skills that the dancers did was beyond amazing too! There were these buffed men just hanging up there in the middle of the air for like forever! Good work out i must say,lol


I had a more relaxed Sunday afternoon and met up with a friend for high tea at The Parlour located at Heritage 1881 , and we just talked and ate for hours. That is the one thing i like about high tea, you can just sit forever and nibble small bites along with a nice cuppa tea. I especially enjoy spreading the clotted cream and strawberry on the warm scones!!! Yum!!!! One of my favorites was the mini heart shaped Rose scented mousse cake. The sweetness was just right and i loved how the rose scent was slowly infusing into all my taste buds. Ahh…..

If you are ever in Hong Kong, I would definitely recommend this place. It’s got a relaxing ambience and nice Asian interior decor with good quality food, and i can only speak for high tea as i’ve not tried their lunch or dinner menus.  If you like, you can read the reviews and contact info for the restaurant from Time Out Hong Kong  here.  Here are some yummy photos of the high tea that i took! Bon apetit!

I also did some shopping a few days ago and i’ll post my lovely treasures with you all soon so stay tuned!!!! Hope you all are having a superb week and  i’m looking forward to the weekend already! lol



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7 responses to “Long weekend with Kylie Minogue and high tea’ing

  1. Ahhh you lucky girl!! I bet it was amazing!!!

    And don’t get me started on that yummy dessert!! 🙂


  2. The concert looks amazing! I still remember how it was when I went for Michael Buble’s concert. It was loveeee. I was ecstatic!

    I adore that heart-shaped pastry thing, it looks good. 🙂 I’m hoping to give Hong Kong a visit in the next year or two! Crossed fingers. x

  3. Clare

    How fun! I have heard high tea in hong kong is lovely!


  4. swisshera

    Oh wow you made it and she looks so stunning in the concert!!! glad that you got it.

    I love love love your afternoon tea at 1881!!!! Bring me out!

  5. Bad Joan

    Looks like so much fun! Love Kylie!


  6. Now Kylie is a fantastic performer, I’ve seen clips of this show on TV and it looks amazing. The costumes, I think they were designed by one of her favourite designers but I can’t recall who? Perfect weekend 🙂


  7. Kylie Minogue and a very posh Afternoon Tea? I approve! Hehe, how wonderful – you lucky woman!


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