Shop til you drop!

As i mentioned in my previous post, i did some light shopping over the week with a friend.  It was nothing planned and we just spontaneously decided last min to have dinner and enjoy some shopping therapy after a hard day of work! We all deserve to have a shopping break once in a while right? hehe.

My friend has been in search for an eye liner and I’ve been told that there’s this waterproof eye liner from M.A.C. that works wonders and so with that, we headed straight to M.A.C.  We went to a M.A.C. shop that was located inside the Sogo shopping mall and my gosh, that shop was super tiny and crowded with women everywhere! I managed to squeeze in the crowd and headed straight to the eye shadow section and there were so many colors to choose from that i almost died. I felt like a little girl inside a candy shop and was drooling over everything! I ended up getting a shimmery green called “Swimming” and it’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s actually not as shimmery as it looks in the photo so it’s not too over the top.

"Swimming" eyeshadow by M.A.C.

My lovely M.A.C. eye shadow and a copy of Elle June 2011

I’ve also been meaning to look for a nail polish with the crack effect and so the hunt for crack nail polish began that night. I managed to find this small shop inside Island Beverly shopping mall that sold a great selection of crack nail polish colors from O.P.I. and China Glaze  (they even had Essie!!!). I was told that China Glaze is a younger line from O.P.I. I never knew that, what about you guys?

After looking and deciding for what seemed hours, i decided to go for grey. I haven’t tried it yet as i’ve been super busy but i will definitely post a photo of the final product when i get a chance! We were gonna leave after that but then i spotted this cute dirty pink (that’s what the sales girl said the color was called!) bag that was a great size to use for my casual weekends. To be honest, you can’t put a lot of stuff in it but it looks really cute so that’s all that matters, haha.

China Claze (Crackle Glaze) in grey

My new cute casual weekend bag in "dirty pink" color, lol

 Before we knew it the time was already 11:30pm and with that, we decided to call it a night! It was a late night but i had loads of fun so it was really well worth it.

Alrighty peeps, i better get going as i’m off to have dinner with some friends tonight at this lovely Vietnamese/Thai restaurant called Rice Paper. I  actually go to this restaurant quite often and i’ll try to snap some photos tonight and share it with you all, hehe.

For now, I wish you all a fabulous weekend, have fun!!!



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8 responses to “Shop til you drop!

  1. Such a fun weekend! And oh yes, everyone needs a retail therapy treat every once in a while. 😉 Definitely a must! Haha. I’ve gone to into a MAC store and I keep getting lost in it! I never know where to start and all the selections are so amazing. Though I haven’t gotten anything MAC for myself yet. 😉 Will see what my first product from them will be! Hehe.

    I used to have one or two dirty pink handbags last time. It’s a lovely color. 🙂 Never too bright or boring for anything!

    Hope you have an amazing dinner, sweetie! Do snap photos, don’t forget! xx

  2. Hey Cinz! Wow, I’ve been to a MAC store and their products make me feel dizzy everytime! I love the color you bought! I think it will look so pretty! But I completely love your new bag! The color and the size is so chic and versatile! Great purchases! Have a great time at the restaurant and have lots of fun! xoxoxooo

  3. So many great new items! 🙂

  4. Love that bag! And your blog – thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Will definitely be coming back!

    Milana from

  5. Clare

    Oh I love that color you chose. I get so overwhelmed when I go to the MAC store. I always need a sales person to tell me what to do.

  6. That is a gorgeous colour! I have never worn a colour like that before as eye shadow, though its stunning and now wondering why i havent tried it yet!!


  7. swisshera

    wow i can imagine you wearing the “swimming” on your eyelids! it is so you, and the nail and the bags too. I love your new bag!!!!!! ❤

  8. Con Con

    Love your bag and love your choice of grey nail vanish! I’m now gonna go paint my nails with my grey American Apparel nail varnish!!! Post picks of the cracked grey varnish! Wanna see how it looks! xoxo

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