Trend Alert: Bring on the brights please!

Bright colored eye shadows are a big hit this spring and summer as shown on the catwalks of Dior, Etro, and  Betsey Johnson and i have to say, i’m loving it! These bright and bold colors are all soo cheery and makes me smile from the inside, hehe.  I especially love the  lime green from the  Betsey Johnson catwalk and the shimmery metallic gold as seen on the LAMB catwalk. These bright and fun colors are just what we need during these hot summery days!

I personally tend to always go for blue but last week i went daring and bought a shimmery green from M.A.C. (as show in my previous post).

What about you? What colored eye shadows do you tend to buy?

Dior SS2011
Etro SS2011
Betsey Johnson SS2011
Nicole Miller

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11 responses to “Trend Alert: Bring on the brights please!

    Really, I have a crush for girl who are not affraid of different make-up (yeah, but this really don’t turn me straight!!! heheheheh)

    Loved the photos, I used the first model in my post about color blocking!


  2. I agree with Piere I really admire anyone who works this look. but I find it so hard to perfect, and have the colours stay perfectly in place. I think for me pigments for the eyes work to help me add more dramatic colour. Time to go back to MAC in preparation for the summer colours I think!

  3. Brights seem to be the biggest trend these days!!


  4. I would love to pull off bright eyeshadows! Vibrant colours look amazing on eyes. I usually stick to nudes or browns though.

  5. Oh yes, coloured eyeshadow! So huge for summer! I think Dior pretty much engineered this trend. But since I don’t wear eyeshadow, I can’t say what colour is my fave. I do like how the pink looks on the models though.

  6. Dior. Dior. Dior, Did i mention I love the Dior?

    btw. MOR is an Australian brand, I am not to sure where overseas it is sold, though it can be delivered overseas from online! Before I came to Australia I had never seen it anywhere!!


  7. swisshera

    I love the Etro look but I am a very plain person. I buy a lot of neutral and white. Don’t wanna be a fashion overkill

  8. I’d go for blue and indigo! 🙂

  9. Clare

    These bright lids look AMAZING on the runway. I wish they looked as awesome in real life *sigh*

  10. The eyeshadow on Abbey Lee is incredibly pretty! I don’t wear any eyeshadow so I’m clueless about it, haha.

  11. Collourful eyeshadows: perfect trend for summer mood
    Sara C.

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