Good girl gone bad?

Yes, our lovely Emma Watson is finally escaping from her Harry Potter days and blossoming into a fine young lady! And it seems to come with a bit of sex appeal too:) These photo shots from Harper’s Bazaar (August) of her looked absolutely stunning!!! Gotta say, she pulls off the pixie hair cut super well!


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4 responses to “Good girl gone bad?

  1. swisshera

    oh wow! time flies! she looks absolutely stunning and somehow, she looks like Gillian Chung in the third picture!

  2. She grew up really well. She looks gorgeous these days.

  3. I prefer her in most of the photos her with the fresher, feminine looks rather than as femme fatale, but yes, she’s growing up fast and I’m sure she’s going to do big things in the world of fashion as well as acting in the future. And good luck to her!

  4. I find her utterly boring, but I really like this editorial. It not only shows Emma off, but also the skills of the style team at HB.

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