Street Style inspiration

I love looking at street style photos and i always get really inspired by them! There are some really wicked stuff going on out there and it’s always a great discovery when i see people surpass fashion boundaries to try something totally different/unique/creative. I guess there are no set rules for fashion and as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear (no, that does not include wearing nothing!) then that’s all that matters. I think it’s not really about following trends but more on finding clothes that fit you style and shape to create your own identity.

What about you guys? Do you tend to follow trends or like to mix and match to whatever you please?

Photo Source: The Sartorialist and The Stockholm Street Style




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6 responses to “Street Style inspiration

  1. I’m all for comfort actually! But I do try to follow the trends sometimes. I’m always wearing flats, so whatever that goes with my flats, makes it to my priority outfit! And since it’s almost always hot around here, it’s always shorts, or when I’m feeling all summery, I’ll wear a maxi dress. Though there are days when I feel like looking a little more chic, then I’ll don my high waisted skirt. 🙂

    Hope you’re well, darling! Here’s to a lovely weekend ahead. xx

  2. swisshera

    Nice pictures like always. I get inspired by looking at work people wearing on the street sometimes, but I am always more “classic” than “chic”. If there is one thing that I am always up for wearing, I would say evening/cocktail dress. I am a glamorous kind of girl 😛 otherwise, just really plain neutral/ nude colors.

  3. I love street style. It’s great for inspiration. I love the third outfit.

  4. Flawless. These girls know their fashion!


  5. They’re all really great inspirations Cinz! I love to wear bodycon skirts and dresses so I’m almost always wearing them! Before, I used to experiment because I didn’t know what my style is but now I just wear what looks good on me the most! xoxooxoo

  6. Just before I left the UK and moved to NYC my big sister bought me a book with lots of street style snaps in. I return to it all the time for outfit inspiration. Having said that, I also know what styles and colour work for me, and sometimes what I admire and love, does not suit me or I feel I can’t pull off comfortably. I guess knowing what suits you, and what your individual style is, is important.

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