Paper Eyelashes

Just when i thought the fashion world couldn’t go any craizer, i find out about these paper eyelashes! You heard me right, that’s eyelashes made from paper. I have to say, it’s definitely not for my daily wear but it would be a fun way to accesorize and stand out at a party or special event! I also read that these eyelashes are durable so no more worrying about fake eyelashes falling off before the party even starts, lol.  Gosh,  I can so imagine Lady Gaga in these paper eyelashes , lol. Totally wacked and out of the ordinary.

I find it really fun in how they use elements within nature to design the eyelashes. The butterfly, deer, and fish looks absolutely cute!  If you look closely, you might also realize that this paper cut idea is actually inspired by the ancient Chinese paper cutting, amazing eh? It’s bizarre how art can be found everywhere if you just look closely.

So what do you guys think?  Would this be something to try or absolutely a big no no?  If you wanna find out more details about paper eyelashes, please go to the website of Paperself  here.

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6 responses to “Paper Eyelashes

  1. swisshera

    wow these are so pretty! I will totally wear it if i know how to wear eyelash 🙂 maybe i will try again for new year.

  2. wow these are incredible! definitely a gorgeous touch to a costume maybe..

  3. I love these. They’re so unique and so much fun. I tried a pair while at Fashion Week last season, and they looked great.

  4. Hi Cinz! Yeah, I remembered seeing them somewhere and I thought it was an odd idea at first but then after I see the pictures, I think they’ll be perfect for Halloween, haha. They look really cool in editorials though! xoxoxoo

  5. Clare

    Woah these are crazy! I agree with Shin, they are perfect for Halloween!

  6. Wow amazing! I wonder about their staying power? Let me check out the website. I had eyelash extensions for about a year, I love the full lash look and sadly my lashes are quite short… these are definitely something I would try for a special event.

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