Lanvin goes Petite!

I couldn’t help but let out the whole “Awwwwwwwwwwwww” when i saw these incredibly cute photos for the Lanvin children’s wear collection, Lanvin Petite Pre- Collection 2012. This is the first time Lanvin has created a children’s wear line for their brand and i have to say, their style is looking really cute! There’s a twist of playfulness and style going on with all the ruffled dresses, flat ballet shoes, and even 4 rag dolls to go with it!  I reckon Alber Elbaz is definitely gonna nail this one:) In fact, there will be 25 pieces created for young fashionistas out there aging from 4 to 10. They start them young  now, eh? 😉

Oh boy, I can already imagine celebrity mommy’s getting all ready to spoil their kids with these unreasonably expensive but cute outfits. It goes something like this “Mommy, can i have a red ruffled dress to go with my matching ruffled flats pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????? ” lol

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6 responses to “Lanvin goes Petite!

  1. Awww, they’re so adorable. I love the one of the girl jumping out of the bag. So cute.

  2. so cute! 😀 love it!

  3. swisshera

    oh eyes openers! I actually did a paper on Lanvin before, and do you know how they started the business? Jeanne Lanvin did matching outfits for mom and daughter, and I am so glad that this is back after all these years!

    Thanks for the clips 🙂 I just love these pictures

  4. Woww.. is it weird that I would wear most of these!?

    xx Cristina

  5. I say this with humour, but I am feeling very broody reading this!

  6. How cute is this! It makes me want a little girl just to dress her up, then I realize I’m still in school :). Great post.



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