Happy Friday peeps!

So it’s finally Friday and I’ve come down with a damn nasty sore throat!!! So much for “Thank god it’s Friday” eh? I actually took a day off work  todayand i guess i had some much needed sleep. Looks like i will be staying in and resting a lot over the weekend. Boooooooooo!!! Yes, sounds like a bummer weekend already.

Here are some inspiring and happy photos that i wanted to share with you all and i guess a reminder to myself to always be happy no matter what!!!:D There’s just so much going on in this busy world that we live in that we tend to forget the smallest things that matter so much more. Sometimes all we need to do is just slow down and appreciate a bit more on what this beautiful world has to offer in it’s simplest form. That’s where true happiness can be found, when you least expect it.

Anyhow, hope you guys have a happy Friday and awesome weekend ahead!!!!

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8 responses to “Happy Friday peeps!

  1. swisshera

    I love the “key to happiness”, my heart just aches when I see that photo.
    Feel better sweetie, time to rest up and seriously take care of yourself!!! I am going to be back in HK From August 27 to Sept 2/3. see you around!

  2. Ew, sore throats. Hope you get better over the weekend! Anyway, such uplifting photos. I love all the romance ones, and of course, all the cupcakes!!! Tiffany blue cupcakes OMG.

  3. Only just replying to your message that you left ages ago on my blog…but yes I went to HK and now I am firmly back in the UK. Ah, how time flies! You were right, it was super humid…but the good food and shopping was worth it!

  4. Awww, hope you recover this weekend. These pictures definitely put a smile on my face, especially the one of the Tiffany Cupcakes. A lot of these are going in my inspirations folder.

  5. adore these photos! the macarons look so delicious..

  6. Hi CInz! I love going through all these photos and they make me so happy! The quote “Love is when someone’s happiness is more important than your own” really strikes a cord with me because I always put another person before me when I’m in a relationship and I didn’t get that in return. Hopefully, I’ll find someone in the future who is not selfish and will love me as much as I love him!

    Yeah, we don’t have Zara in Hawaii and they only ship to Europe so I was really excited that they will ship to US soon! xoxoxooo

  7. swisshera

    hey girl I changed the blog address again, it is http://swisscecilia.wordpress.com/
    just want to let you know 🙂 Charlie had to go back to hk to see his dad so I am going to be home this weekend.

  8. With all those macarons and cupcakes you are just making me hungry! Lots of lovely weekend inspiration as always. My week this week was filled with a beach, food and drink, and relaxation, so these images were perfect for me 🙂


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