Photo Sunday – I like it rough

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6 responses to “Photo Sunday – I like it rough

  1. How freaking cool is that photo?
    Also, Apple Mall is SUPER SUPER local and tiny and not as good as the malls around Causeway Bay. To be honest, there isn’t too much in there and the only decent store is Laurustinus…which is probably why you’ve never heard of it! 🙂 Gosh, I miss HK!

  2. Clare

    THis title is perfect for this awesome photo!!

  3. Hehehe I love your title! And wooow I love that blazer! Now that is a standout piece. I need it!

  4. Kel

    Can someone fed ex me that gold blazer, please?!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  5. I love this shot – thanks for sharing the inspiration!

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