Kisses from Violent Lips

Recently Violent Lips has collaborated with Sugar Factory to design some oh so sweet temporary lip tattoos to give us some hardcore sugar rush.  This must be one of the most craziest fashion beauty inventions i’ve heard lately but i have a feeling it will be a big hit!

There are quite a variety of  styles and colors to choose from ranging from their animal print, words, glitter , polka dots, stripes to even patriotic designs. I can already imagine the frustration a lot of women will be having over what pout to have on what day, lol. Apparently these temporary lip tattoos are safe for ages 3 and up, vitamins enhanced and can lasts  4 to 8 hours.

This stuff sounds pretty simple eh? However, if you want to know how to apply one of these gorgeous Violent lips tattoo and learn about the F&As, please check out the video below, as explained by their 14 year old co – creator Isabella Haddad.

So would you be flaunting with these saucy violent lips anytime soon? I can definitely see myself trying these out for big party events. If you’re living in the states then you will also be happy to know that Violent Lips will be available in Sephora on September 1st!

Photo Source:  Violent Lips   and Beauty High



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12 responses to “Kisses from Violent Lips

  1. Oh wow. They’re so unique! I don’t know if I could see myself rocking them, but they’re incredible.

  2. swisshera

    oh this is quite cute 😀 let me see if they have it in store then!

  3. Weird! I like the sprinkle ones 😉 The curling iron I got was the Cortex clipless one, I’ve heard clipless ones can be hard to use but have good results so I’ll see how it goes!

  4. Wow those are definitely unique!

    Re your comment!
    Yeah I know it must be really funny seeing day to day things in HK on my blog but it’s true…those are all the things I love about HK haha, oh how I miss it. I need to try and visit more often really or maybe think about working there in a couple of years time but then again, working life is very different over there right? Unless I find a Western company to work for which is what one of my friends out there does- good working hours! Also have to admit that I went to Tsui Wah one night after clubbing…love it and where else would I be able to get the milk buns at 3am?? haha.

    The pic is indeed of me in Pizza express and the location of the dessert shop is here: Deffo going to check out the Femme de pivot app! I lovee girly things!!

    I love long messages, keep them coming! It goes to show that you were really passionate about what you were saying 😀 It’s awesome!!

  5. This is pretty cool! I love the sprinkle one. I think this would be cool for a photo shoot, I’m not sure about everyday wear. I think it’s a great concept.



  6. Clare

    These would be so cool for Halloween or something!

  7. Clare

    OH! And thank you so much for the photoscape tip! xoxo

  8. Oh wowwwwwww. That is really… REALLY cool! It’s my first time hearing about these and I’d love to try out the cupcake one. 😉

    Thanks for sharing lovely! Oh and I hope you’ve been well. I’ve been so busy lately that I pretty much disappeared from the blogging world. Have a great weekend! xx

  9. WOW! Hahaha! I’m not sure I would be daring enough to try out some of the crazier ones, although I’m strangely attracted to the sparkly lips. Something so utterly glam about it.

  10. I love the gold sparkle one! I want to try them

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