Trash is fashion?

Well, according to the giant shoe making fashion guru Christian Louboutin… is! With the whole eco-friendly mindset going on, Christian Louboutin has decided to turn the trash in their Parisian atelier into  fash (yep, i made that word up, lol)!!! The shoes are made up of real rubbish that’s been put together, such as pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled sticky notes, left over squins and fabric swatches.  Now that’s what i call recycling!!!

The interesting and unique thing to notice about the Christian Louboutin’s Ecotrash Platfrom Slingback shoe collection is that each heel is covered in a leopard print, and the platform is in a golden water snake skin. What’s more is that there are no two shoes alike in the making of this collection. How special is that eh?!?!

So do you think you would spend a fortune on these shoes that’s compiled of trash???? As for me, i’m not quite sure….

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4 responses to “Trash is fashion?

  1. swisshera

    i would buy them if i like them enough, like the idea and the execution, just not my style 😦

  2. Those are really cool! I definitely see them more as a “collector” item than something to wear, though.

  3. Leah

    I don’t know if I really love these… I agree with mtadams1208.

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