My birthday month – Sweet September baby!!!

Yes, and so it is. It’s that time of the year again where i look forward to celebrating my birthday with close loved ones and not to mention, a marathon of birthday lunches/dinners dates! I always enjoy just sitting down with my close friends and families to catch up over nice food and drinks,  and of course with the cake surprises that awaits me,  as  my friends all know how much i loveee surprises ( i like to give back surprises too so it’s a win win situation!!!).  In fact, i love surprises to the point that my sister don’t get it and finds it lame, lol.

However, this year is not quite the same fairytale and lets just say it’s down to some personal reasons, enough said. But i’ve decided to still enjoy it and try to embrace getting another year older, wiser, and of course, prettier, hehe.

I’ve also been having some major macarons craving these days and so today i decided on a last min impulse to check out this Che Che New York place that i’ve walked past a few times, where they serve some delicate looking macarons and chocolate. In a way, it’s also a little pre-birthday luxury treat for myself, hehe. They have some really interesting and cute types of chocolate such as wafer roll, chocaron,  chocolate lollipop, chocolate bar, and praline. My favorite must be the chocaron and you are probably wonder what that is. I guess the name itself is pretty self explanatory but basically it’s a combo between chocolate and macaron, and i love the idea!!

Here is a photo of their lovely selections of chocarons at their shop.

Che Che New York Take Away Menu

I ended up buying a box of 6 macarons for HK$98 and the flavors were  blueberry, passion fruit, green tea, green apple, and fig. I’ve eaten 3 of them so far and again, they were too hard! I tried the fig and green apple and the flavor was nothing like it but nonetheless, it was still yummy,lol. To be honest, the macarons were not the best and i ‘ve definitely tried better ones.  I guess the reason why i’m having problems finding really truly delicious macarons over here is because i keep comparing it to the ones i tried in Paris at Laduree! I wonder if i will ever find a place that makes macarons over here just as good as Laduree. That would be a dream come true! But i do like how the macarons from Che Che New York are 2 colored, it’s just soo colorful and makes it that much more prettier to look it!

Apart from macarons and chocolates, Che Che New York also sells handbags and other accessories, and their products are definitely more on the cutesy side. They was founded in 2000 and have shops across Asia Pacific, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, and you can find more info about them here. I found these coin purses on their website and they are so cute that i just had to share them with you all!!!

Che Che New York Coin Purses

So tell me, have you ever tried macarons before and if so, what do you think of them?



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17 responses to “My birthday month – Sweet September baby!!!

  1. My birthday this month too. September girls are the best. I LOVE macarons – Pierre Hermes does the best – the salted caramel one is incredible. I can (and have) eaten 5 in a row 😉

  2. swisshera

    oh wow!!!!!! that’s a sweet overdose, but you deserve it. Like SITC, “sweet for sweetie” haha, I just made that one up but hey!

    If you are a chocolate fan, try Teuscher at IFC. their campaign truffle are so delicious! it is something that I would cry for if taken out from my life!

    and early happy birthday! everything is going to be just fine, right?

  3. oh. my. god.

    chocarons!? a whole new thing to obsess over that i didn’t even know existed!

  4. Hi Cinz! That’s so exciting that your birthday is coming up! My sister’s birthday is in September too! I’m obssessed with macaroons…if they’re weren’t so pricey here, I would eat them everyday! I love eating them with iced coffee and nutella..yeah, I’m addicted to nutella too..hehe :-). As for my work clothes, I can wear anything I want thankfully! xoxoxooo

  5. Hope you have a great Birthday! I like to celebrate for the whole month of July, hehe. Those Macarons look delicious!! I love the 2 coloured ones. A Laduree recently opened up in London and I love it there.

    • CinZilicious

      Really?!!!!!! OMG………you’re soooo lucky!!! I heard they might open up in New York too. Please come to HK Soon Laduree,lol

  6. heyy!!!
    sounds so cool!! 😀

  7. Omg, I love macarons! And I didn’t even know chocarons existed, ha! Really nice blogpost!

  8. Those macarons look divine, too bad they were hard. Macarons should be eaten within 24 hours of purchase because the ganache is (well, it should be) fresh. You’re right though, once you’ve been to Ladurée, there is no comparison 🙂

    Have a wonderful birthday month!

  9. WOW! This is literally the sweetest post ever! Macarons look yum and the purses are just the cutest! x

  10. I’ve heard of Che Che before! And they look so sinfully addictive. It’s been a long while since I had my share of delicious macarons and any sweet treats. Though I have been munching on milo powder, haha! :p A girl has gotta have what she wants and craves every once in a while ay. 😉

    Have a lovely weekend! x

  11. Yay enjoy your birthday and have fun!!


  12. Clare

    Happy birthday month! And omgah YUMMMMM that place looks wonderful and a half! I love Macaroons so so much this is like my dream.

  13. I adore Macarons! The ones you bought look so delicious 🙂

    Also, loving your comment on my last HK post, gotta start writing up the next one. I wish I could go for high tea at the Ritz, hope you enjoyed it! I bought the Namie Amuro ViVi, she is stunning isn’t she?

    Kwai Chung/Sunny City is ONLY worth a browse if you’re up for a rummage and not afraid of crowds I think, I’m not sure if I would go back there again, it’s so manic! Also LOVE the supermarket in Sogo, that one is just so handy isn’t it?

    Seriously, loving your approval for my HK posts, it definitely means a lot when HKers appreciate them too! I feel like I’ve done my job well as a blogger haha! xx

  14. i LOVE macarons on chocoarons sound delicious! wish i could have tried in HK!

  15. Oh my goodness I did not know about this place! When I buy macarons I always lean towards the chocolate/vanilla/coffee flavours – I so need to visit! I am off there asap 🙂

  16. ps I was distracted by the chocolate – I wish you a very happy birthday month and I hope that you have a lovely time, whatever you choose to do for celebrations x

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