Photo Sunday – i left my heart in Venice

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8 responses to “Photo Sunday – i left my heart in Venice

  1. Love these pictures! I need to go to Venice…like NOW!

  2. wow!! this is such a great post!! 🙂
    really like it! this editorial is amazing!!
    I have a new special post on my blog…I would love if you pass by!
    have a nice day! 😀

  3. Gorgeous pics. Very atmospheric – you have really captured the romantic mood of Venice.


  4. These are simply stunning. Love the atmosphere of these photos; dreamy, romantic yet real.
    thanks for sharing


  5. Love this! I wrote about Macau in my latest post today which makes me laugh because I wrote about the Venetian. Does not compared to the real thing does it? LOVE this editorial. So beautiful!

  6. This is such a great Post! Venice is really one of the greatest Cities in the World!

  7. Since I could not make my usual Europe trips this summer, I’ve had pangs of homesickness…. this is a lovely photo shoot in Venice. I had a great fondness for the place when I visited some years ago, I’d love to return…

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