Its CANMAKE time…

I am finally back!!! Yes, it’s been a long weekend of birthday celebration and this week was just a mad packed one!!!  Before i forget, i want to thank you all for the special birthday wishes, it means soo much to me, makes me smile just reading them:) Anyhow, it’s like 11:15pm on a Friday night and i am dead  tired but i decided it would be wrong to not give you guys a quick update!  I will be posting more photos on my birthday and all the lovely pressies i got in the next few days. But for tonight, i’ve decided to share with you about my CANMAKE experience.

If you haven’t heard of CANMAKE, it’s Japanese cosmetic brand and their price range is relatively on the cheap side. I recently signed up for a make up class and i attended the class with a friend last night. We were greeted by really friendly staffs who told us to sit inside the room and wait for everyone to arrive before class begins. Once i sat down, i saw this super cute make up kit on my table and i was told we could take it home!!!

Make up Kit

The topic for the night was how to have long lasting make up and it lasted for 2 hours. I know it sounds long but trust me, we can never have too much time when it comes to beauty right!!!?!? The make up artist explained all the procedures and tips for an hour and then we did our thing for one hour so i think the timing was perfect.

The venue was a really friendly environment and the staffs were really patient with us. I asked for their help quite a few times and they kinda helped me with my make up too, lol. A lot of water proof products were due to the class topic. I actually didn’t really like their base and concealer as it made me look so cakey but then again, all concealers i’ve tried has that effect on me! One product i really liked was their mascara. They made my lashes look so long and curled upwards sooo beautifully and yes, they lasted til i got home! I also bought another mascara which works a bit different from the normal ones. You have to used the wand and work it downwards on your upper lashes and the intention is to let the fiber/nutrient from the wand  go directly onto your eye lashes and make them look more refreshing.

Their eye lash comb did wonders too. They separated my lashes one by one so naturally so there were no clumps what so ever. I actually have an eye lash comb too but it doesn’t work at all. A lot of stuff was good like the eye lash curler, the eye shadow brushes, and eye liner, and of course, i bought everything, hahaha.  One thing really cool about one of their the eye shadow brush is that it’s made of silicon where it allows the eyeshadow to easily be applied onto the eyes. I even got freebies with this super cute mirror that has lights inside and a leave in floral treatment for hair split ends.

Love the lights inside the mirror!!!

Silicon eye shadow brushes

  1. Eye Lash Curler
  2. Free mirrior
  3. Mascara
  4. Free leave treatment for hair split ends
  5. Mascara (the one for the upper lashes to give it fiber/nutrient)
  6. The eye lash comb
  7. Silicon eye shadow brush
  8. Eye liner (black)

The class fee was HK$350 (USD45) and you can you use the cash to buy back the products, pretty neat eh!?  If you spend over HK$380 , you become their member and get 5% discount on products and classes. I was really greedy and wanted everything and ended up spending HK$420 !!! Oh well, at least i’m a CANMAKE member now, hehe

Lastly, i just want to wish everyone a belated Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!! Hope you guys didn’t stuff yourselves with too many moon cakes this year! I happened to try my very first ice cream moon cake tonight and omg, it was soo yummy!!!! Haagen Dazs never fails to impress me;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



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16 responses to “Its CANMAKE time…

  1. Oooo, sounds like a fun class. I really need to do a make up class. I’m awful, hehe. But the eyelash comb sounds great.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you lived it up properly. That cake looks absolutely divine and I am dying for a piece even though it is 8:30 Am and I need to go to the gym!!

  3. swisshera

    sounds like a really fun class and you got curly eyelashes now! jealous!!

  4. Sounds fun! I have never heard of that makeup. I wish I had something like that here in Ohio – I get so excited just for makeup samples so if they gave me a whole kit to take home I would be thrilled

  5. I’ve always wanted to take a make-up class. This one looked such fun! Pleased you had a great time!

    Those ice cream moon cakes? Come to NYC. Now.

  6. Clare

    What a fun makeup line. All of the things are so so cute!

  7. beautiful!! 🙂 lovely post!
    have a great day!!

  8. Happy late birthday! I’m glad to hear you had a great birthday weekend!

  9. Sounds like you had fun! I have heard of this brand and love it! Etude House, a Korean brand is also a fabulous Asian make up brand!
    I would love to go to a makeup course

  10. Hey CInz! Glad you had an amazing birthday! I’ve never heard of the brand before but it sounds really cool! I’m really lazy when it comes to makeup but I’m always curious about them so I love reading the reviews! I want to try their mascara because being an asian, I’ll try anything to make my lashes longer! xoxoxoxoo

  11. Love Canmake, wish you could buy it over in the UK. Also those ice cream mooncakes are amazing! I had them before and they’re the best things ever!

    In answer to your questions on my blog- Nope they don’t let you try things on in Laforet. Hate the fact that crackle polishes go all gloopy too- waste of money right? Barry M polishes is relatively cheap in the UK. They have the best colours. Krispy Kreme is definitely still in the UK, but I think they have opened lots inside Supermarkets and also dept stores.
    Love all your questions always! 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  12. What a fun idea! I hope you like it :). Oh, and happy belated birthday!!!

  13. wow. for a pretty cheap beauty/cosmetics brand, i think that they’re very impressive! i love such beauty talks/sessions because most of the time, a normal consumer wouldn’t really know much about make-up! their items look amazing and too much fun. pretty packaging always gets the best of me. 😉 haha!

    eep, i can’t wait for your birthday updates! hope you had a good restful weekend, lovely! xx

  14. hope you had a lovely birthday! anyway, the japanese always have the cutest packaging… and haagen daz ice cream mooncakes sound delightful!

  15. Yay hope you enjoyed your birthday!!


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