My birthday celebration, continued…

On the day of my birthday, September 7th, i celebrated it with a few of my friends singing karaoke at CEO (Neway) where dinner buffet was included. To be honest, the buffets there are not the greatest but the good thing about singing karaoke on weekdays is that you are most likely able to sit until closing (5:45am). But they do have a variety of food to choose from such as Chinese dim sum, stir fried noodles, fried rice, sushi and some  Asian and Western desserts. As always, i ordered my usual lemon tea with honey, it’s good for the throat as you gotta sing throughout the entire night!

It was a great night of singing and trust me, some were really good old classic songs. Just think, “Prince – Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world” or “Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody”, hahaha.  I always feel that the old 80’s and 90’s were the best years in music.

One of my BFF was also really sweet and arrived one hour late to surprise me with a Haagen-Dazs ice cream birthday cake!!! It was cookies n’ cream flavor and she chose the cake because the girl on it reminded her of me! Not sure if it looks like me tho, lol. The rest of my friends had to leave early as they had work next morning and since i arranged to have the next day off work, BFF and i just started chatting instead of singing for the next 2 hours! We left at 3am so i would say we made pretty much use of our time there, hehe.

Over the weekend, i celebrated  with my ex colleagues who were real darlings and took me to a tea buffet at The Place in Langham Hotel. The food was quite yummy and a lot of varieties to choose from. But i always stress that it’s a ripe off for me to eat buffets as i can only eat 2 or 3 rounds, lol. I loved their desserts more than their savory dishes and i guess it’s because i’ve got a major sweet tooth!!!

That day was a proper eating marathon and not long after my tea buffet, i met up with another friend for Spanish dinner at 1/5 Nuevo. The restaurant was really cosy with dim lights and we got lucky and had the corner sofa seat all to ourselves. It was more quiet that way and we were able to have a proper chat amongst the busy crowd. We ordered Iberico ham, Chorizo sauteed – onions, and fresh oysters. Yummmm!!! The Chorizo sausages were a tad bit too spicy for me though. I think 2 of my fave dishes were the garlic prawns and the pan fried goose liver. I normally don’t like goose liver but this one was utterly tasty and it came along with a sweet grape sauce, which was just a right mixture between the savory and sweetness taste.

We ended the night by bar hopping at Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), which is this drinking area in the city center and i have to say, it’s changed a lot since i last went! So many bars have closed down and so many new restaurants, bars, and clubs have emerged. Yes, you can tell it’s been a while since i’ve been drinking there. We only went to 3 bars but i was proper knackered at 4am and decided to call it a night. That was such a long birthday celebration, i tell you! But i am very blessed for everything and i cherished every moment of it.

Iberico ham, Chorizo sauteed - onions, and fresh oysters

Prawns - sauteed garlic

Pan fried goose liver in grape sauce

Here are some birthday presents that i received and thought i’d share it with you guys. I really like the YSL nail polish and the color is so me!!! It’s a perfect darkish purple color for the Autumn/Fall as well. That doll thingie is actually a mirror and i think it’s so cute! I always need a mirror with me no matter what so it’s a practical gift for sure. I also got this really cute fluffy and girlie pen from my ex colleague and i think it will go great with my organizer.  Lastly, another one of my BFF from New York sent me these amazing beauty products from Bath & Body works and Victoria Secret, and a colorful scarf from Coach. She is really such a sweetie, i love her!!! All in all, i think that all the pressies were really thoughtful and cute! Thanks to everyone. Love you all!!!

Okay, so this is my final wrap up for my birthday celebrations and my normal postings will resume very soon! So stay tuned peeps!

By the way, it’s actually typhoon 8 in Hong Kong today and that means no work! Yeahhh baby, i love you Typhoon Nesat!!!



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6 responses to “My birthday celebration, continued…

  1. so lovely 🙂 happy birthday!

  2. swisshera

    oh wow that’s the sweetest thing ever! love all the food and the cake, you are a lucky girl and have so many loving friends around you! I hope this coming year is a start of a great year for you.

  3. Aww that birthday cake is adorable!! Happy (belated) Birthday! Looks like you definitely made the most of it and enjoyed it with friends.
    The food looks fabulous too!

  4. Looks Greattt!! 😀 i love it!

  5. Wow you are one lucky lady!!! 🙂


  6. Wow, this looks like an INCREDIBLE birthday! I love the eating marathon, I don’t even know which one is my favourite. I really envy the fact you live in HK, so much good food over there. The Spanish prawns look so good- I really love garlic, too bad it really makes your breath smell haha.

    Love the presents too, the YSL nail polish looks fantastic, I love the colour so much. I went to LKF with my friends when I was in HK, we went to Play and Shake Shake for a bit of clubbing, so busy though!

    Hope you enjoyed your day off with the Typhoon 8!

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