Biking your way to fashion

I love looking at street style photos and out of the blue like literally a few minutes ago, i just suddenly thought of a street style theme related to biking. I always find it amazing how bikes  can become a fashion statement.  I love the natural shots of casual and stylish people who are biking or standing still with their bikes.  Those are sometimes really the best natural street style shots!

Actually I”ve been biking a lot lately but sadly, not looking as glamorous as these ladies! Here are some inspiring biking street style photos i found. Happy biking ladies!!!!

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10 responses to “Biking your way to fashion

  1. I love bicycle fashion! My sister lives in Copenhagen and when I was there visiting her I was fascinated with it. Women were dressed like fashion plates biking through the cold weather!

  2. Major respect to these ladies for riding bikes in super high heels!! I wish I could ride a bike, so I could look this stylish.

  3. I don’t ride a bike often but I wish I looked that classy when I do it ! xoxox

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  4. amazing inspiration photos 🙂

    (bio essence? I think i heard of it but never got to use it before. how is it?)

  5. love the photos! I want a beach cruiser so baddd!

  6. i am super impressed with ladies that can look so stylish while riding a bike. I haven’t ridden a bike in years but I suspect I wouldn’t be able to do it in heels!

  7. I love these photos but you know, I live in New York and it drives me mad that riders often seem more interested in fashion than safety – no-one is wearing helmets any more in the East Village at least, it’s like a new fashion statement. Maybe I am jealous, I know I get a bad case of helmet hair when I did and I certainly couldn’t cycle in heels…. but part of me hopes they don’t have a nasty accident….

  8. Amanda

    I love these pics! They remind me about my cruiser that needs to be taken out for a ride! I think I will pass on the heels though! Just to prevent any accidents! haha

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