Hair Inspiration – wavy hair all the way

I’ve been wanting a hair cut badly lately and i’ve been thinking of doing the wavy hair look.  I’ve seen a lot of ladies through street styles looking really fab with this hair style. I know there’s nothing new about this hair style but i guess it’s one of those fashion and beauty trends that will never die, lol.

I love the whole messy yet chic look, and it’s so care free! But it’s so humid over here so the only problem would be managing the frizz, and all those annoying hair related problems that comes along with this kind of weather we get over here!

Sharing some wavy hair inspiring photos with you all. Hope you like them!!!

Have a superb weekend peeps!!!

Wavy hair street style inspirations

Photo Source: The Sartorialist, Fashionising, Stockholm Street Style, Fashion Gone Rogue and We heart it



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9 responses to “Hair Inspiration – wavy hair all the way

  1. modebrainstorm

    What a great post! I’ve got wavy hair but always straighten it, however this inspired me to try out a natural look 🙂

  2. I love hair inspiration. Wavy hair is my favourite as well. Love the 5th picture.

  3. I totally agree, I love the wavy hair style it’s so effortless chic! Jen xoxo

  4. they all look pretty amazing:)

  5. swisshera

    the messy look is so sexy~ I think this kind of look would look best without colorful makeup on. It is like somebody just woke up and get out on the street kind of feeling 🙂 Maybe you can try it with natural makeup and see!

  6. I may be totally biased with my comment, since I have curly/wavy hair, but it’s soooo nice to see lots of volume in these images. So often the catwalks have hair that is straight straight straight, but I think curls and waves are super sexy so yay for this hairstyle!

  7. Leah

    These are amazing. I love all these photos. I have naturally curly hair and I too love when it is embraced (I agree StyleOnTheCouch)!

  8. you have ha great inspiration blog!:) – love it!

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