Connect the dots…

Polka dots are for kids?!?!!? Well, think again!!!  If you haven’t already noticed, polka dots were a big thing on the run way for the Spring and Fall 2011 trend.  It’s actually one of my favorite trends as it’s a playful twist to an outfit, where it can be bold dots, small classy dots, or just colorful dots!!! The different styles of polka dot design is endless and varieties is definitely a good thing, right?

I absolutely fell in love with the polka dot style during the Moschino Spring 2011 Ready To Wear collection. It was bombarded with colors and looked oh sooo playful, in a chic way! I also came across the designer David Koma, who i have not heard of (yes, shame one me!).  His 2011 Fall collection just simply caught my attention. His designs with polka dots was done in a fun manner without over doing it.  I liked how the polka dots effect was done in a sophisticated style and having that femininity appeal, while still bringing color into it.

What about you? Which polka dot collections on the run way were your favorites?!??!!

David Koma 2011 Fall Collection

David Koma 2011 Fall Colletion

David Koma 2011 Fall Collection

Moschino Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Polka Dots Street Style

Polka Dots Inspirations

Photo Source: Fashionising, Stockholm Street Style, Elle, and We heart it



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11 responses to “Connect the dots…

  1. I’m pretty in love with polka dots! I don’t have enough in my life. Love the Marc Jacobs collection, and definitely lve that girl in the red from the street style pictures.

  2. I LOVE polka dots too and totally love the Moschino and the Marc Jacobs collection. I’m definitely stocking up on plenty of spotty clothing for this winter!

  3. Clare

    From the runway to the streets — Polka dots never fail with their amazingness.

  4. Leah

    I am in love with this post! SO MANY AMAZING polka dots!

  5. Awesome blogs on polka dots, I wrote one last week! You should stop by and check mine out 🙂

  6. swisshera

    oh wow – amazing! I can’t see myself in polka dots, you know I am really plain 😛
    Speaking on halloween, I am going to be HONG KONG! Let’s plan something together? Are you going to dress up? if you are, I am going to as well!!!!

    and yes, I finished the WHOLE chocolate..haha, needed the cocoa dosage.

  7. I used to hate polka dots but now I am a big fan of them! I especially like them on dresses.

  8. yes! I need more polka dots in my closet. I’ve been buying too many stripes lately so have been trying to find more polka dot stuff as I love the pattern. In love with the Marc Jacobs collection!

    Great post Cinz! Have a good weekend!!

  9. I love all the polka dots around lately! I just got a cute top from J Crew that I can not stop wearing. They seem to go with everything.

  10. I’m obsessed with the polka dot trend too! I just posted something about it :). I was so happy when I spotted them on the runway this fall (no pun intended…)

  11. When I first saw Stella McCartney’s collection with all the polka dots I loved it. A UK brand called Warehouse did an excellent copy of her black dress from this range, but sadly it was all sold out when I went to buy it. I think this winter I’m now edging towards stars and not dots, but I do love what this pattern brings to an outfit.

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