Style that never dies – the denim jacket!

I honestly believe that denim jackets must be the best ever style invention created in the human kind. It’s been around for as long as i remember, and has been recycled religiously in the fashion world throughout the decades. Surely this must mean there’s something right about the denim jacket, eh?

What’s great about the denim jacket is how it brings out this casualness yet chic effect to an entire outfit, if done right. It’s an easy style item to pair with to almost any outfit and to top it off, the warmish day time and chilly night time weather we’re getting over here is the perfect time for the denim jackets to come out of our wardrobes for some fun time!!!

Here are some inspiring denim jackets that i simply love!!! I really believe that the denim jackets will never go out of style and be recycled over and over again, and we won’t ever get bored of it!!!

So……are you a denim jacket lover or hater?

Denim Jacket Street Style

Denim Jacket Inspirations

Photo Source: Elle, Stockholm Street Style, Fashionising, and We heart it



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5 responses to “Style that never dies – the denim jacket!

  1. wow! I love denim!!

  2. The denim jacket a definite staple for any girl. I need to buy one! I think the last one I had was as a kid.

  3. Hmmm, will be adding leather sleeves to my denim jacket ASAP. Such a fresh take on the classic. And yes, they will never go out of style.

  4. Leah

    I love these posts you do that have a ton of pictures (especially the street style pictures). Can you believe I have never owned a denim jacket? I clearly need to step my game up lol. It is just always so cold in Canada (especially where I am from in the West).

  5. Wow that denim and the black catsuit = HOT! I love denim on denim but I find this so difficult to do well… some lovely inspiration here!

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