Trend Alert – the Peter Pan Collar

If there’s one way to make an outfit more girlie, i would definitely tell you to go for the Peter Pan collar look. As with most fashion trends, they always come and go and gets recycled all over again.  And with the Peter Pan collar trend, this is no exception.

While the peter pan collar was a big trend back in the 1960’s, it’s definitely coming back again where it has already appeared on the cat walks for designers such as DKNY, Giambattista Valli, Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

I have to say, i really like the Peter Pan collar look and it’s a great way to make a boring top or dress look more fun. It adds a bit of femininity and a playful side to an outfit for sure, where you can option for different types of Peter Pan collar depending on your mood or occasion.

You can either choose the plain Peter Pan collars or option for beaded ones for a more flashy effect. Or you can even buy the Peter Pan collars with laces or ribbon bows if you want to add more detailing to the collar. I prefer the beaded style but i personally would wear that for a special occasion as it might be too much for daily wear.

What about you ladies? Are you a Peter Pan collar lover or hater?

DKNY Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Charlotte Taylor Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Peter Pan Collar Street Style Inspirations

Peter Pan Collar Style Inspirations

Photo Source: Fashionising,  Stockholm Street Style,  Elle, and We heart it



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12 responses to “Trend Alert – the Peter Pan Collar

  1. Oh I love it! I keep on looking for shirts with peter pan collars these days. It’s such a cute touch. Always love your posts, you do such a great job highlighting the best trends! 🙂

  2. Cute!! My school shirts when I was little had that collar. I think I like that look on the dresses the best !

  3. I love the 60’s feel to this trend. I’ve been rocking it all summer!

  4. I am SUCH a hater, or at least I was until I got to the Pucci pics. I had a sudden about turn when I saw those amazing looks :-))

  5. I really love peter pan collars too, esp the detailed ones or lace/crochet ones x

  6. Clare

    This trend rocks my socks! I love that full skirted blue dress so much!

  7. Leah

    I personally love it – it looks so amazing!

  8. those little peter pan collars give the outfits such an adorable touch!

  9. swisshera

    Oh the Emilio Pucci ones are so cute! Some nice and practical designs for this year ❤

  10. I have been searching for a fun detachable version. I keep getting drawn to lace but I think that is a bit too dressy for everyday wear as well. The hunt continues!

  11. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  12. Diane

    Yes Noelani I have been searching everywhere for detachable peter pan collar too but to no avail ! I am in Australia -so obviously will have to wait till trend hits Sydney. Good Luck

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