Singapore – a weekend get away

As you all may know from my previous post, i went to Singapore for a weekend trip with my family. My lovely sister from London was in town for a visit so it was perfect timing! I had never been to Singapore so i was actually really thrilled about this trip and what’s more was that, my sister and I had planned to throw my mom a surprise birthday for her while we were there!

I have to say, i was quite pleased when we were greeted by sunshine and lovely weather upon arriving to Singapore, because the weather forecast had predicted rain and showers throughout the next few days. After passing thr0ugh a massive crowd at the immigration, we took the taxi to Traders Hotel to drop off our luggage and quickly got changed, and was ready to head out to discover the lovely city, Singapore! Oh and before i forget, the king size bed that my sister and i slept in was soooooooo comfortable, to the extent that it was extremely hard to get up every morning lol.

The lovely view outside our hotel room

King size bed for my sis and I

Our first stop was China town because being my typical mom, she wanted Chinese food and rice, the moment we landed. There’s nothing much to see in China Town and everything seemed closed as it was lunch hour when we arrived, which i found odd. For this reason, it was so hard to find a decent place that had decent Chinese food and my mom was complaining how it was worst than China! I found that super funny but I had to agree with her. In fact, the China Town in London is even better, as the restaurants are opened during day time with no lunch break (as far as i know anyway), and everything is within close walking distant. That’s the other thing about Singapore’s China Town, it’s quite big and there’s a lot of different streets to walk around to. But i still found it a great experience and memory to remember by.

China Town

There are numerous underground shopping malls in Singapore, and i’ve been told it’s to prevent people from heat exhaustion, as it gets very hot in Singapore, especially during summer time. My friend who lives in Singapore said that it can get up to 40 degrees Celsius during summer, which is way hotter than what we get here in Hong Kong.

The first underground shopping mall that we stumbled upon was Suntec City. It’s quite a big shopping mall with international and local designer brands. However, i was more distracted by food when i spotted a local bakery called “Bread Talk”. My mom went in to buy some bread, while i was snapping away and taking photos of some lovely Christmas themed pastries and cakes.

At the local bakery, Bread Talk

Festive Chrismas chocolate muffins

Chocolate donuts!!!

Delicious looking cakes

Festive Christmas cakes

One thing that i love to do is taking photos of random things that i like, at random moments. Such moment occurred when I passed by this shop and saw these super cute Japanese dolls. Don’t they just look so cute!?!?!? I’m also a big time chocoholic so i went all crazy when i saw this shop that was dedicated to Hershey’s chocolates!!!! I think any chocolate fan would die in there right away, lol.

Cute Japanese dolls on a window display

Hershey's Chocolate shop

Later that night we decided to go check out the Night Safari as i’ve had a lot of colleagues and friends suggesting to go there. Night Safari as you can imagine, is quite far away from the city and we had to take the local MRT train and a bus to get there. We tried to do all the things we wanted to as they close by mid night so our schedule was quite tight.

Night Safari Entrance

We saw the “Creatures of the Night Show”, which was more of a family show, if you ask me. But there was one incident that really made me laugh and freak out at the same time.They had an albino snake at one point and asked for a guy to come up for a challenge. They placed the albino snake onto the guy and then all the staffs walked away and turned off the stage lights. Of course, this was just for entertainment purposes, and they quickly went back to the guy. But the face on that guy was priceless!!! He looked super scared and i don’t blame him one bit.

"Creatures of the Night Show"

The Albino snake

We also managed to go on the tour buses to take a tour around the entire Night Safari and witnessed some of the night animals. As it was quite dark, i didn’t manage to take any good photos, so sorry!!!

One of the shows at Night Safari

After a fun Safari night we headed back to the city and to our surprise, all the restaurants in the nearby shopping mall was closed! It was only 10pm and that is considered early in Asia. As sad as it sounds, we ended up getting instant cup noodles, a loaf of bread, and chips in the supermarket, which was closing in 10 minutes! Yes, and i clearly enjoyed my cup noodle and chips when i got back to the hotel because i was starving!!!

And that is the update for now.  At the same time, I’m actually also sick with a throat infection and a nasty cold but i promise i’ll be back for my next blog post very soon!!!



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8 responses to “Singapore – a weekend get away

  1. I super enjoyed my trip to Singapore, such an amazing clean city and friendly people. The best part of all though? great Durians! 😀 thank you for sharing your great pictures and i hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I’ve only been to Singapore once, when I was really little, so want to go again. Underground malls seem like a great idea! And that Hershey’s story looks like heaven!!

  3. Would love to go to Singapore one day. Love all of your happy random pics! I’m so surprised to hear that restaurants close at lunchtime..shouldn’t it be the busiest time? lol Looking forward to more posts. Feel better! 🙂

  4. I went to Safari when I was in Singapore also!! Sounds like you had a great if not amusing time ;D
    Love the personal photos xx

    p.s. I WANT THAT BED

  5. i LOVE travel posts on blog, i get to see the world through other people’s eyes. the cake looks so good, really lots of details. cakes over at that side of the earth are so much nicer. much more imaginative. Thank you for the lovely comment as usual, i love hearing from you. The “sunny” pics were taken last month when we got some autumn sun. I have so many photos stored up so that I dont have to take as many photos during these FREEZING months!! So sorry for the confusion! You are right though, it is so cold in the uk right now xxx

  6. Oh my gosh I’m so jealous! Everything looks fantastic!

  7. Leah

    Your trip sounds so delightful. I am really jealous that your weekend getaway was Singapore. It isn’t like that in Canada because everything is SO spread out and far away. For example, to go to the next province over is 13 to 14 hours by car… a couple hours by plane. My weekend getaways consist of driving to the mountains and going snowboarding or skiing lol.

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