Winter Street Style – the scarf look

It’s officially December and it’s that special time of the year again, CHRISTMAS!!! Okay, so i’m not feeling the Christmas spirits entirely yet, but at least i’ve started looking for some winter clothes and accessories.

One winter item that i must have during the cold seasons is my scarf, no matter if i’m going to work or meeting my friends over the weekend.  Yes, it’s like a winter staple, no words needed.  Plus, it’s the easiest way to make a boring outfit stand out immediately, especially when you have one of those fashion emergencies and need a quick fix that works magic!

I currently have a pink Burberry cashmere scarf and a cheap but stylish leopard printed scarf but i have been thinking to go for a more neutral tone lately. That way i get a balance between prints, vibrant colors, and basic.

Here are some great winter street style photos to get some inspirations on how to get that stylish scarf look during those chilly days!!!

So tell me, do you think scarf is a winter fashion accessory must have  or not?



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7 responses to “Winter Street Style – the scarf look

  1. These scarves are so yummy!!!


  2. Totally needed some winter inspiration. It may look sunny in the pictures here, but London is freezing!!! l love the one of the girl in the skinny jeans and brown jumper.

  3. Thanks for sharing these great pictures of personal style!!

    I love scarf’s as well in winter and can never go past a beautiful cream cashmere scarf or a thick woollen one 😉


  4. Scarves are definitely a must! It keeps you so cozy and looks great too 🙂

  5. Leah

    Scarfs AND capes are a must this season 😀

  6. Such pretty scarves! great blog too! hope you can take a peek at mine 🙂 I’ll be following now xx

  7. I think the scarf is a great accessory that allows you to keep wearing some of your less-warm winter items and still feel all wrapped up. I actually bought two scarves this year as Christmas presents, time to get one for my self now perhaps…!

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