Trend Alert – the cape talk

As the weather continues to get colder by the day, there more i’ve been tempted to get my hands on a cape! I’ve never owned a cape in my life but i seriously think i’ve caught the cape fever!!! Lately I started noticing a lot of ladies walking on the streets in gorgeous capes and not to mention, you can hide your hands inside and keep them really warm. A dual functional trend, what’s not to like about that eh?!?!!

I know the cape trend, just like any fashion trend, has been recycled numerous times and showcased on the runway shows dating back to even 2006 at the Ralph Lauren’s Ready To Wear collection but i simply don’t care. There’s even been a new take on for the cape look recently as witnessed at the Spring 2011 Ready to Wear Collections, where the capes are made in softer and lighter materials such as silk or chiffon, to give it that spring and breezy feeling.  Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Jean Paul Gaultier, are amongst some of the brands that have taken on this new cape look, and i have to say, i love this fresh approach for the cape trend!

Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Another twist to the cape look, which i find a tad bit weird, is the transparent cape as shown at the Burberry Fall 2011 runway show. I guess it would be a fun thing to try but that’s about it! I also just came across an editorial as shown below, where the capes  are in leather and this is a first for me! I’ve not seen capes in leather before but i quite like it, and it gives this very chic and edgy style to it.

Yes, i’m sold on this trend! Old fashion or fashion savvy, i say this is a must try look for this winter!

Soo……are you a cape lover or hater?

Cerruti Fall 2010 Ready To Wear Collection

Philip Lim Fall 2010 Ready To Wear Collection

 Street Style Cape Inspirations

Cape style inspirations

Editorial from “How to Spend It” magazine, the Financial Times



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12 responses to “Trend Alert – the cape talk

  1. Hi Cinzee! Thanks for stopping by over at my blog & for your lovely comments. Your blog is fantastic! I love that you cover many fashion trends and have so many inspirations on how to pair pieces together 🙂

    I’ve wanted to get a cape for sooo long, but it’s so impractical for where I live! Yet another excuse for me to move somewhere warmer… ha!

  2. Capes look so cool. I’ve been a fan of this trend…on others though. I tried it myself last year and it didn’t suit me at all. Love all these looks, especially that black one with the hood.

  3. These looks so warm and comfortable! I would love to get one for the coming winter. Its summer here at the moment, although we have had weeks of cold, raining and grey skies . . 😦 Maybe its the perfect time to try one!!


  4. I think this trend is super fashionable! But I’ve only seen one person in real life wear it and it did not look good. You need a certain style for it to work.

  5. swisshera

    Cape is quite cool! I wanted one too, but just don’t know when I can actually wear it. Like I can’t wear it when it is too hot or too cold, and it hardly gets to the perfect weather…argh

  6. Clare

    Nice capes!! I love the look of capes in the winter. So chic.

  7. Very inspiring photos! There are many cool outfits here. I’d love to wear it soon 🙂 xo akiko
    Style Imported

  8. how cool! too bad it’s not cold enough here to wear a cape out! haha. it’s not even cold, to begin with. :\ love the looks you shared here – makes me wanna wear a cape too! maybe i will… at home. heh. 😛 i adore the plastic cape with the black linings. so stylish and very practical for a rainy day. 😉

  9. I like a cape! I think they look awesome on people but for me? I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea- I’m too short and I honestly think they’ll make me look even tinier and swamp me. Boo!

    Also, yes I’m totally posting my Xmas tree at some point haha!

  10. Leah

    I’ve never worn a cape either but I want one too! I don’t know if it is really me though. Its definitely not my style lol. I am much more laid back unless I am working!

  11. Love the different pictures of capes

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