Little treasures from London…

Although i haven’t received any Christmas gifts yet, i have been very blessed to have a dear sister who came to Hong Kong for a visit last month,  and she was such a sweetie to surprise me with a bag mixed of little treasures all the way from London. While these gifts may not be overly extravagant or expensive, all of the lovely items represent me, and i like everything she got me!!!  Thank you sis, you know me well, love you!

Dior Make up palette

Eye liners, brushes, and blusher blush

Sometimes it’s amazing how a small gift, like a make up palette of colorful eye shadows and different shades of lip sticks, or a non designer branded piece of jewelry can put a smile to a face. This is by far the bestest pre-Christmas gift that i have received this year!

Round orange ball necklace to add to my collection, GoGo Philip

I absolutely love the cosmetics/beauty products that my sister got me, especially the L’Occitane Shea butter in Rose and Orange Honey scent. At the back of the tin, it says that this shea butter can be applied to the face, lips, hair, and body. Isn’t that just amazing!!?!? And it’s exactly what i need for the cold weather nowadays – moisturize every part of my body! lol. She was also super thoughtful and knows i get chappy lips, and got me the Vaseline lip balm but in Creme Brulee flavor, yum!

L'Occitane Shea Butter in Rose and Orange Honey

Vaseline in Creme Brulee, yum!

My British fashion glossy mags

I will be pretty busy leading up to the Christmas festive holidays where i’ve already been booked up for a friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night, and 4 Christmas dinners with friends, and 2 company Christmas lunches coming up!

As for Christmas eve, I’ll be going to Macau with a friend and we’ll be spending one night there. Our main purpose for this short weekend get away is actually to watch “The House of Dancing Water”, an over USD250 million water based show that involves a lot of dance and acrobatic moves. I’ve heard a lot about it so i am super excited about this!!! We have already booked our ferry tickets, hotel room, and the tickets for the show so now i’m just patiently waiting for Dec 24th, hehe.

Anyhow, this is just a quick post as it’s mid night and i need to get my beauty sleep. Night!



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15 responses to “Little treasures from London…

  1. What amazingly thoughtful and fabulous gifts!! If only I had a sister 😉

    The Dior make-up palette is beautiful, I have one myself that i bought in Dubai when I was last there, and its lasts so long!!
    Also L’Occitane is my true love. . I really adore all their things and have found myself wondering in their stores a lot this Christmas season~~

    Although on my birthday a couple weeks ago I purchased the Lavender hand cream (big bottle) and a solid perfume which is GORGEOUS


  2. Clare

    Wow! I need a sister in Europe! Europe has the BEST beauty products. I wish I could shop there exclusively.

  3. swisshera

    I heard the show is really good, although I haven’t get a chance to experience it myself!
    You are really blessed, being a little sister is so nice 🙂 I got something for you so there is one more Christmas present for you! Be good, wait until boxing day!

  4. That make up palette looks lovely! 🙂

  5. Looks like you got some great gifts!! The Dior palette is amazing. And I’m totally going to go out now and find Creme Brulee Vaseline. I can’t belive I’ve never seen it here.

    Sounds like you have some amazing Christmas plans. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas if I don’t speak to you before, and enjoy your trip to Macau. The Water based show sounds fantastic.

  6. ooh good stuff 🙂 makeup palettes are as fun to look at as they are to use. So pretty. enjoy your holidays and fun – it all goes by so fast. Take lots of pictures on your adventures!!!

  7. ooh, i love all the goodies your sister got you. How sweet of her too! I love British Fashion Mags. I used to travel to London a lot and would buy so many at the airport to read on the long trip back!

    sounds like you are going to have a fab Christmas eve! Can’t wait to see your pics 🙂

  8. Leah

    That palette is too kill for! I love it! I want, I want! You sound like you are having a very busy month… full of great food and amazing company. Merry Christmas ❤

  9. Nice stuff!! Love the colors in that pallette!

  10. Those Dior palettes are delighful. I love the Dior eyeshadows, so perfect for the party season. What great presents!

  11. oh wow, that dior beauty pallete looks lovely! the colors are really pretty. such pretty stuff from london. 🙂

    you are one busy bee during the festive season! christmas parties are always so fun to attend. i hope you have an amazing time, cinz! and that macau trip sounds super exciting. 😀 go havvee funnnn!

    share your trip with us when you have more time. 🙂 x

  12. awww such a sweet sister!! These selections are perfect, there’s a bit everything, colour, skin care and jewels 🙂 Opening new makeup packs is always such a suspenseful moment and wanting to use it all at once haha, I just experience that myself after a splurge at sephora :/ great thing it’s the holidays so you have a great excuse to use them all! Glad your sis included a classic red lipstick in your pressie stash, its definitely a must for this time of the year?
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog, now we can both go use our new beauty goodies 🙂 xo

  13. Your sister got you such lovely gifts! Loove the Dior makeup palette, it’s gorgeous!

    I never knew that Vaseline lip products came scented! I think you’ve sparked a new venture for me to find some… Have a wonderful holiday, Cinzee!

  14. What an awesome sister! The Dior palette looks amazing and I love the sound of that orange honey shea butter (I must keep an eye out for it! hehe).

    Have fun at all your holiday parties and the water show sounds so cool. Looking forward for posts on it! 🙂

  15. probe97

    I also love those British Fashion Magazines, their sweet scented aroma and full glossy pages really have an exciting effect on my body as I snuggle into their contents.

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