Trend Alert 2011 recap

As we bid our farewells to 2011 and look forward to a fabulous and fashionable year ahead in 2012, i thought it would be a bittersweet moment to recap back on all the trend alerts spotted over the past twelve months.

Twelve months of fashion may not sound too short or too long but we definitely captured some of the best and unforgettable trends out there! And for some reason, i won’t be surprised at all, if history repeats itself with any of the following fashion trends.

Which fashion trend alerts were your favorite in 2011?

Catty eyes

Bow effect


Color blocking


Polka dots

Peter Pan collar



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17 responses to “Trend Alert 2011 recap

  1. Love the images! I adored Pucci’s and Gucci’s collections (rhyming not intended, lol) 🙂 x

  2. Love catty eyes and bows! I don’t think those can ever go out of fashion for me lol

  3. I did a similar, albeit different, post. I love yours, though! Happy New Year.

  4. What a year for trends! I loved colour blocking over the summer. It’s such a fun look. Although, I had trouble carrying it onto AW despite all my efforts.
    Polka Dots were my favourite! I’ve fully embraced them.

  5. Clare

    You are spot on with these trends. Esp the cat eye and the bow!

  6. Looking at all of these runway photos always gives me serious shopping cravings! lol

    Fashion Translated

  7. swisshera

    I love bows!! I love love love them! I think it might still carry into 2012~ feel better dear.

  8. Definitely loved the color blocking trend this year 🙂

  9. Loving this post and all these “trend alerts”! My personal favorite is most definitely the bows :)!

  10. Give.Me.Everything. I’m not even kidding.

    The cat eyes are definitely rocking my socks off right now, even though this style looks absolutely terrible on me. I still like them.

    The metallics and glitter are super fun. I think these are my favorites because they are totally wearable in many different ways.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Great recap! My favorite is polka dot!! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  12. Thanks so much for the sweet comment and coming by my blog! I hope that if you have any opinions on posts or interesting topics you feel free to stop by! And as for this post, I loved polka dots and big bows this past year!

  13. What a great recacp!! Lovely pictures as well~ I love the bows and the peter pan collars 😀


  14. So beautifully summarised!! My fav is the Peter pan collar, something i would of never considered in the past yet got inspired also love the color blocking, so vibrant and fun!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and for stopping by to say hi! I definitely agree Natalie Portman was a big inspiration not only showing what can be achieved with hard work in learning ballet in such a small time but also inspiring with her captivating ballerina beauty in the movie! 🙂 xo

  15. I really liked that lace was around so much in 2011. I’ve seen some fabulous coloured lace for spring already too. I like dots especially Stella MCartney’s collection where this featured so much. Look forward to seeing the year 2012 brings in the fashion world!

  16. I love all of these trends. It’s so hard to choose. I have fallen in love with that last blouse in the bow trend. I need that shirt in ly life!

    Viva La Qbee03

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