Parisian Parfum – Filles des iles Perfume

If i had one thing to say about beauty products, it’s that every woman deserves to own a scent, their very own personal perfume scent. Perfumes create an individual smell, style and persona for you, and of course, i’m sure all men would fall for any women that smells nice.

As it so happened, I accidently stumbled upon this lovely French branded collection of perfumes called Filles des iles earlier in December, during my Christmas shopping in Franc Franc. They come in the form of perfumes and perfume oil roll ons, and the smell is in between sweet and refreshing. I’ve never heard of this brand but i do recall seeing it last year, where i thought the smell was too girlie for me at the time.

After one fun accident, where i decided to spray the perfumes on my wrist and let it set in for awhile, the scent just grew on me by the minute! That’s when i decided to buy my first bottle of Filles des iles perfume oil roll on, “floral exotique” (sadly the perfume version is out of stock). It came in this cute 1oml bottle packed in this gorgeous Tiffany blue box, and my heart just sank when i finally had my hands on it.

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The Filles des iles perfume comes in two collections, Paradise and Chic. The name of the collection is already good enough to make you fantasize about a heavenly place whilst smelling oh so lovely! My perfume oil roll is from the Paradise collection and the Chic collection is sadly not available in Hong Kong right now. However, i do think it will be a summer perfume choice  if i had to choose.

Have you heard of Filles des iles, and if so, what are your thoughts about this perfume?



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6 responses to “Parisian Parfum – Filles des iles Perfume

  1. I agree, every women deserves beautiful scent. I can’t choose so I have a hug variety of perfumes on my table, but my favourite is definitely Givenchy.
    This brand sounds great and the bottles are so pretty.

  2. Perfume is such a personal thing, its a snapshot in time and stirs old memories!! I couldn’t agree with you more on every woman deserves a beautiful scent!!
    I have never heard of this brand, though will defiantly be looking out for it as I am a lover of beautiful packaging and delicious smells xx

  3. I agree-every woman DOES deserve her own scent! Glad you’ve found yours. I will have to check this brand out. Cheers!

  4. I have not heard about this perfume before but I agree with the other comments – a woman really does deserve her own unique scent. I will ask my French friends about this one.

  5. Sounds wonderful – love the packaging!

  6. I’m so sensitive to perfume so I tend to go for the more subtle ones. I use different perfume for different occasions. I love how one smell can take you back to an event or specific moment in time 🙂

    I’ve never heard of this brand but I really love the logo and packaging!

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