Oh happy days!

You know how people say happy days always passes by faster? Well, i could not agree more myself. The past February flew by before i knew it and i don’t even know where the time went! But one thing for sure, i had a lot of great and happy memories and I feel truly blessed for each and every memory.

I guess my packed schedule for an entire month also explains my lack of posting but i have to admit,  I’m happy to be back at blogging and I’m thrilled to share with you all on what i’ve been up to lately.

As i mentioned in my previous post, i celebrated my BFF’s big 30th birthday and took took her to this lovely restaurant called Armani Aqua (currently under Aqua Restaurant Group), which had an absolutely lovely and cosy ambiance with very dim lighting along with a backdrop of red lighting throughout the restaurant. I know it sounds a bit freaky when you imagine an entire restaurant like that but trust me, it has a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious food, or just to have a drink or two at it’s next door neighbor, a lounge club, Armani Privé.

Armani Aqua serves a mix of Japanese and Italian food, which is both our favorite so it was a no brainer that i had to pick this restaurant. My BFF wanted a low key celebration and so we two dined a romantic dinner together. Actually i much prefer it this way so i can have her all to myself, haha.

The service was excellent and the waitress that served us made sure everything was alright, while giving us enough privacy at the same time. I also managed to talk to the Restaurant Assistant Manager who happened to be from London, and was kind enough to give me a free glass of Chardonnay because the Chili cocktail I had ordered was too spicy for me, despite the waitress assuring me it was not.  To end the night, he offered us both a “night cap” before we finished our dessert.

The Chili cocktail

Now i have never heard of the term “night cap”, and so I mistakenly  thought he meant “night cab”.  I politely rejected him and said we were still hitting town and didn’t  need a cab, and of course, this is the point where he sat down next to me and explained this terminology. If you are wondering and don’t know this term either, it’s an alcoholic drink that you take at the end of a festive evening. Yes, you can imagine how embarrassed I was at the time but we had a good laugh about it!

Afterwards we decided to end the night by having a few more drinks at the local bar Letage, which my BFF had designed with her previous design firm. It’s an up scale cigar lounge bar hidden on 33 Staunton Street, Central in Hong Kong, so if you are ever in town please do check it out!

Carpaccio with pears and walnuts

Birthday dessert platter customized for my "skat"

I was also busily involved at work where i was asked to be the MC for my company’s annual dinner party at the Four Seasons hotel in front of 100+ people, and of course i said….YES! I guess my public speaking practice at the Toastmasters club gave me the courage or something but whatever it was, i pulled it through with great success! A lot of the management staffs said i did great in creating a fun an entertaining atmosphere and i was well pleased to hear that.  Without a doubt, it was a pretty nerve wrecking experience but my MC partner was really supportive and helped me out a lot throughout the night.  But it’s definitely one of those experiences that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Company annual dinner, Four Seasons Hotel

I have recently been really into jazz and classic and so when a friend invited me to  a free mini jazz concert, i jumped at the chance. The jazz singer was Clare Teal and to be honest, i have not heard of her until that very day. So I quickly googled  her and found out that she was from Yorkshire, United Kingdom and right then and there, I already had a good feeling about her. For those that don’t know, i studied in London during my university years and so i always have this soft spot for the UK, which i love and miss so dearly.

Although the concert started later than expected and only lasted 1.5 hours, her fantastic performance along with her great humor made up for it. I ended up buying her latest album, Hey Ho, and managed to speak to her for a bit while she signed my CD. She is such a down to earth woman and is super sweet! I will definitely go to her performances again if i ever get the chance.

I also found myself diving into a little bit of retail therapy and before i knew it, i spotted a new nail polish brand at the APM shopping mall in Kwun Tong. The brand name is Laka and it’s from Israel, which i found a bit surprising. I guess i just never associated Israel with nail polish? Yes, totally bizarre eh. There was a big sale going on too and without thinking much,  i picked out three colors from their spring collection. I got so excited and tried them on the very next day, hehe.

Totally random here but i been so addicted to ice cream lately. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m prepping for the spring season? I remember i was walking by myself one Sunday afternoon down my local town, when i passed by this Japanese ice cream shop. Without hesitation, i quickly walked in and sample tasted probably over 5 flavors before i ended up with the lychee and taro. It was purely heaven just walking slowly while licking my ice cream like no care in the world, lol. Yet another reminder to myself that it’s the smallest things in life that can bring such simple happiness.

So what makes your days a happy one?



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7 responses to “Oh happy days!

  1. Clare

    Omgah if this was my day, I would be one happy girl!

  2. This looks amazing!! So delicious..
    I really do love intimate dinners with friends as I too love them to myself ;)) It sounds like you two had a fabulous evening!! I would love to visit Hong Kong!!


    p.s I don’t know why I don’t have you on my facebook, as I love adding my favourite bloggers and actually getting to know them beyond the blog (if that is okay?).. You can add me if you like, if not I understand Toni-Yvonne Keddie . .

  3. Glad to hear you had such a great February! Sounds like it was all a lot of fun. The food looks delicious, especially the dessert platter.

  4. Cinz! Glad you’re back! Missed you 🙂 As long as you enjoyed yourself while you were gone, that’s all that matters!

    I’m going to be in Hong Kong for the month of May – I need to seek out that dish of carpaccio!! And I absolutely looove lychee icecream. Good pick!

    ps – The Angelia Jolie website was taken down!! Haha, but I found this for you instead: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/legbombing

  5. What a wonderful February you had! I love intimate celebrations as well. You have a chance to really catch up with a friend that way 🙂 lol at the night cap story. I’m so proud of you for challenging yourself with the MC bit. That was on your New Years list and you’ve already tackled it! Congrats!
    Love Jazz too! We have a few jazz bars here that are really good. Those nail polishes look great. I love the red/orange color! I just bought a similar one for my engagement photo shoot…to go with my red lips! lol Btw, did you know that reddish/orange is one of Pantone colors for 2012? It’s called tangerine tango 🙂 Lychee and taro??!!! I want one! Love your blue nails too hehe. Okay, I think I’m done rambling here…lol

  6. May

    Oh….bless the assistant manager in offering you a night cap! Sweet…..from the way he sat down to explain the term to you, I think you have probably gained a new admirer! 😉
    May xx

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