Elle x Chloe

Every now and then i will go down to my local convenience store to pick up some fashion magazines. Unfortunately the area where i live only provide fashion magazines in Chinese versions, and while i can’t really read Chinese (but looking at the fashionable images makes up for that!), it comes down a lot cheaper in comparison to the English versions.

So there i was, on a Sunday afternoon, standing at my local convenience store for probably 15 minutes  deciding on what fashion magazine would be the best deal and that’s when i spotted the March issue of Elle.  Now it’s not that i normally get the Chinese Elle issue but much to my surprise and delight, they were giving a free Elle x Chloe diary book!!! Of course,  i could not turn down such a lovely offer as that would just be plain rude, right? Yes, i suppose i do tend to get sucked into these marketing gemicks for those that know me oh too well, and it’s soooo bad! But what else is a girl who has a love for fashion, suppose to do? lol.

The gorgeous Chinese woman on the cover of the magazine is Sandy Lam who is a very talented singer in Hong Kong, and she has been in the music industry since the 1980’s. Yes, she still looks gorgeous and youthful eh?

One of the things that i really like about Chinese fashion magazines over here is that they come along with other magazines as well. For Elle, it comes with 2 other magazines where one is based on beauty and health and the other one is based on shopping, while the main magazine is purely fashion.

If you want the Elle x Chloe diary book as much as i do and you live in Hong Kong, you better go and check it out now!!!

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5 responses to “Elle x Chloe

  1. That’s crazy lucky! I love free stuff so much so that is such a treat :). Hopefully a few English copies come your way soon. Happy Thursday

  2. The Elle x Chloe book looks amazing! I wish our mags did awesome freebies like that. All we get is rubbish mascara!!

  3. I love that Asian Magazines can have gifts that come along with them!! But my favourite thing about them is the fact that they come with more magazines – it feels like you’re getting such a good deal!

  4. I can’t read Chinese either but I love reading/looking through Asian magazines. Also, I bought a MacBook Pro and the prices are all the same everywhere you go- seems it’s a fixed price but I got mine from Broadway and you get a couple of freebies!

  5. I think that Elle has really improved over the years. I sometimes prefer it over Vogue because of the interesting mix they have between fashion beauty and interest pieces, Quite a result on the free book, too!


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