Snapshots of my week…

I cannot believe it has already come to Saturday and like always, i just feel like there is never enough hours in a day to do all the things that i wish to do. Despite the lack of time (surely 24 hours is not enough, right?), i still managed to do a few things where i happily embraced myself in doing some relaxing and fun things, whether by myself or with my dear friends.

Here are some photos of what i’ve been up to lately and i’ve been thinking of making this “Snapshot of my week” a frequenter post here, what do you think about that idea? Would love to hear some comments to see what you all think.

I managed to check out the Marni at H&M collection with my BFF on the day of it’s launch on March 8th, and i have to say, it was purely accidental. I did not even remember the collection was being released that day until i saw this lady carrying a Marni at H&M plastic bag, and so i gave my BFF the eye and she gave me back the eye. Before you knew it, we quickly gobbled our froyo at Yo mama (our all time fave froyo place in HK!!!) quickly hit to H&M.

I hope i don’t offend any fashionistas out there but i was utterly disappointed with the collection. Fair enough, i loved the vibrant colors and asymmetrical prints and patterns, which is so Marni style but there was just one problem. Like Marni style, everything in the collection seemed over sized, which is a big no no for petite people like me, and not to mention pricey!!! We only stayed there for less than 30 minutes and left empty handed. Actually i was also surprised that there were no a lot of people in the shop but then again, it was almost 9pm so i guess maybe all the nice pieces have been taken already? That’s just my guessing though. Did you guys like the collection or like me, was super disappointed?

I’ve been trying to eat healthier for breakfast so i can look forward to a less sluggish me when embracing spring and with that,  i have found myself going quite regularly to Pret A Manger for my smooth and juice fix. I gotta say, the Flu Fighter juice and Pink Guava and Raspberry/Blue berry smoothies are my fave!!! I have also been trying to incorporate as much fruit as possible in my daily diet.

My hair is quite damaged considering the amount of strengthening and perming it has gone through for the past decade. So when my friend introduced me to the Patene Pro-V intensive treatment for damaged hair, i went straight out to buy it. That was 2 months ago and i finally managed to have some time for myself to try it out today.  Now i just gotta wait and see if it really works.

I finally stocked up on my Asian magazines as they are way cheaper than my all time fave English issues of Cosmopolitan and Glamour. I also finally saw another Japanese magazine with my fave Japanese pop singer Namie Amuro on the cover. I’ve been a big fan of her since high school and whilst her music has changed since then, and not so to my liking now, i still think she looks gorgeous!

I have been meaning to clean my room for as long as i remember and so with spring cleaning coming, what better excuse than now to get cleaned up!??!! I managed to sort out my messy desk and organized all my perfumes and beauty products, and my jewelry boxes.

Yes, i actually stayed home all day just to clean my room but i actually quite enjoyed my “me” time and boy did i need it. I woke up quite late today, where i spent the late afternoon enjoying my take away spaghetti bolognese for lunch, while catching up on my all time fave shows, Kourtney & Kim take New York and America’s Next Top Model.

My friend also invited me along to a free facial and skin testing at Shiseido and of course, i did not hesitate for one minute. The facial was done in their Shiseido booth right in the middle of the Harbour City shopping mall so that was a bit odd. But i just ignored everyone and did my thing. As expected, i ended up buying something as well, i just seem to never be able to say no to any sales people, lol. But i did refrain myself from not buying everything and only got what i needed. I bought this box of masks with 6 pieces and an anti dark circle eye cream. The good thing about shopping in Hong Kong is that there are a lot of freebies. They gave me a foam cleanser, a Brightening Balancing Softener Enriched, a day and night moisturizer, and a cute compact mirror!!!Good purchase indeed.

All photos accredited to me



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6 responses to “Snapshots of my week…

  1. I love this snapshot of your week! You’ve made me think about two things a)the importance of starting off the day well with a good breakfast and b)hair care – I’m trying , like you, to do regular intensive treatments as I feel my hair can become damaged with overstyling. I’m going to look into the products you used to see if I can get them in the US. Happy weekend!

  2. I still haven’t checked out the Marni collection in person: only the video. Doesn’t look great from your pictures! Oh well, looks like I won’t be buying from the collaboration.

    I need a me day to clean my room! It’s a mess and I can’t find the time to clean it.

  3. great photos! 🙂 your harajuku perfume bottles are adorable! xx.

  4. I haven’t been to check out H&M and Marni yet, don’t suppose I will any time soon to be honest! I love your jewellery storage. I have similar cases from Muji too!

    Also no I didn’t see the house of dancing water my my aunt told me all about it. She works with the Macau tourism board with her company and she got to test out a lot of these things for clients! I wanna see toooo!

  5. May

    Looks like you had a lovely week Cinz! I know what you mean about loose cut clothes on petit frames….I always think it is better to dress to your body shape rather than just follow every trend. Though I do think there are a few interesting accessories from the Marni collection, I am too lazy to be queuing up for hours outside the shop in this winter air to view the new collection….I know that’s terrible of me!
    Also I find with hair maintenance….I usually only blowdry my hair to 70% and then leave it to dry naturally……as for Pantene, sadly it hasn’t worked for me. Hopefully it works for you…or a natural mask of egg white and yogurt also works well to moisturise hair! 🙂 Have another fabulous week sweety!
    May xx

  6. LOVE the snapshot of your week idea! Please continue it 🙂 I agree 24 hours a day is never enough. Sometimes I’m so surprised at how little I get done in one day even when I’m super productive! I love your jewelry box. And all those freebies with the purchase? So cool!

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