Girl Crush: Eva Longoria

I remember first spotting Eva Longoria on the American television series “Desperate Housewives” in my living room back in London when i was a university student and thought to myself, who was that petite yet stunning woman. As the years went by, i kept seeing her on the red carpets and her outfits just got more stylish and glam each time, and she of course, looked more gorgeous than ever!

As we all know, Eva went through a divorce quite recently but i reckon she’s come back hotter and stronger !!! I absolutely love her glamourous looks on the red carpets and her casual street style outfits are simple yet chic.

I’m petite myself so i always love seeing how she dresses up and what she wears to flatter her good parts. I definitely say she does a good job in regards to style and proportion for her petite frame. Way to go Eva! Now sit back and get ready for some lovely photos of the lady herself:)

Photo source: We heart it



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3 responses to “Girl Crush: Eva Longoria

  1. Ally S.

    So true. No one quite walks the sexy/classy line like Eva.

  2. I love her so much as well! She’s stunning. And she has such an amazing figure.

  3. Eva always looks beautiful! She is definitely an amazing style icon for petites like us! 🙂

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