Snapshots of my week…

It seems that whenever i am having a good or relaxing time, the moments spent always make me feel content and happy, even if it’s a simple thing like catching up with friends over coffee.  I love how i can just sit in a cafe and talk the hours away without a care in the world.

Over the week, i managed to do just that. My friends and i went to visit the Agnès b. le pain grillé cafe after we finished celebrating our friend’s belated birthday over some nice Italian dinner.  I have always enjoyed my trips to this cafe and absolutely adore their modern interior decor, and there is a great selection of desserts to choose from (definitely a plus for me!).  I got myself this really dreamy and delicious Rose latte and i literally felt like i was eating rose petals. I liked how there were rose petals sprinkled on top of the Rose Latte and it goes to show, it’s the small things that can make such a difference.

The moment my nose got closer to the Rose latte, almost all my smelling senses were invigorated in a rather pleasant way. For dessert, i ordered a Jasmine with almond sponge cake and it was like wise as divine.  The softness and richness of the sponge cake was just perfect, and it went really well with my Rose latte. I already can’t wait for my next visit!

Another thing that i’ve been doing  lately is cleaning. I been spending quite a few of my past weekends staying home to chill and clear my mind a bit, whilst i do my spring cleaning. As always, i will stop in the middle of my pile of a million things and find something that i totally forgot i had.  Much to my surprise, as i was going through my jewelry boxes, i came across this heart shaped jade pendant that my mom gave me about 20 years ago. It is such a precious gift and sadly, i only wore it once and i dropped the pendant on the floor the other day. The tip of the heart is broken now and my mom said it cannot be fixed as it is jade. It is deeply saddening but i guess, like life, some things that are broken can never be fixed.

I’ve heard a lot of bloggers recently talking about the design book, “domino – The Book of Decorating” by the domino magazine editors, Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, and Dara Caponigro. As i have been thinking of taking on a decorating project of my own lately, i thought this book would be a great source of inspirations and insights in how to decorate my home. I’ve already started reading it on my early morning train rides to work and so far, i love it! They provide great visual images along with step by step explanations for designing and decorating, and the editors even gives you an inside peek of their stylish homes! I am really excited about doing this make over and i have already started looking for a color theme for my toilet.

I also received the good news that i got a pay rise and a big fat bonus!!! I was really over the moon as my manager told me not to expect much when i had my annual appraisal. Apparently she didn’t want to keep my hopes high in case nothing happens and i gotta say, she is right. It’s much better this way when i am rewarded when i least expect it.

Now i know i should be shopping less as i promised myself to save more money this year, but my hands were just itching with that extra money in my bank account. Before i knew it, i spotted a really stylish multicolored clutch bag which has this lovely gold chain attached to it. I like how it is multifunctional where you can hold it like a clutch or use the gold chains to wear it over your shoulder or criss crossed. The best part is that it has 3 compartments and i tried putting a few things in it, and it doesn’t appear to look bulky at all!

So what have you all been up to this week? I would love to know!!!



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10 responses to “Snapshots of my week…

  1. Mia

    Thanks for your comment:) Yes, I’m half Danish, half Swiss:) And yes I speak Danish:D What about you?:)

  2. Mia

    Nej, jeg bor is Schweiz, i Basel, i nærheden af den tyske grænse. Har desværre aldrig boet i Danmark. Men jeg prøver at komme derop en til to gang om året;)

  3. swisshera

    Glad that you are taking time off the busy city life and enjoy a cup of “private moment” to you and your friends. You know how I love to go to Agnes B cafe too!! So pretty and chill!!

    Nice to read your blog with new discovery every time!

  4. that rose latte looks absolutely gorgeous and tasty! and the domino book surely does sound awesome. 🙂

    ah it always feels good to spend some time away with your friends over a good chit chat. i miss that. work has been eating a lot of my time! still getting a hang out of it but, boy am i getting really drained in the process.

    glad to see that you’re keeping well. 🙂 sending some love over! xx

  5. Clare

    Sounds like an amazing relaxing week!! I love your photos. I want that food.

  6. Mmm, the cake looks so yummy! & sorry to hear about the pendant. Jade is so interesting – it seems so strong, but it’s actually so fragile!

    Congrats on the raise & bonus, girl! That clutch was a great way to treat yourself, it’s beautiful and will work with so many outfits! 🙂

  7. Mmm! Italian food! I’ve only ever had it once. But I would certainly go back if that Rose Latte were on the menu! Looks delish, as does the sponge cake. It’s the little things that matter, as you say, and it’s those moments of reading a good book (I really should check out that book these bloggers are fawning over) or carrying a gorgeous clutch that make life enjoyable.

  8. That cake sounds amazing!!! You know how I love jasmine 🙂 I’m not a big fan of rose flavored things (it can be too perfumy) but those rose petals on that latte look wonderful. So sorry to hear about the jade…it’ll still a cute keepsake though. I love to pin random pieces like that into a shadow box frame and display them. I might have to pick up that book…we will be moving into our first place later this year and I’m so excited about decorating the place. Congrats on the raise and bonus! The purse is a well-deserved treat 🙂

    As for me, we’re about 2 months away from our wedding and there are still so many things to do! I’ve been working on the invitations and getting as much done as possible so I can hopefully be more relaxed as we get closer to the date. It’s probably wishful thinking but I’m hopeful! lol

  9. What lovely photos! Cinz, the details are gorgeous. I’m reading this at breakfast time in NYC which has made me want to eat dessert already lol. I’ve been so busy lately, this weekend I am slowing right down, I spent all day yesterday catching up with friends and today I’m going to the cinema and for drinks. Nothing like being lazy once in a while….

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