Gift Giveaway: A bit of Paris to you…

As we entered the month of March, I couldn’t help but think how fast time has flown by with summer approaching soon, and that’s when i remembered. During this month, 3 years ago, it was the birth of my lovely blog creation on March 1st, 2009, to be exact. What started out as a hobby has by far gone past that up to this day. I truly enjoy my time blogging away and it’s great to be able to share my experiences to every single one of you out there.

To celebrate such a special occasion, i thought i would do a little good blog-deed and make it extra special by doing my ever first gift giveaway!!! Since it’s to celebrate my blog’s three years anniversary, i decided to give not just one or two but three gifts away! Aren’t you all excited because i am, hehe. To keep the suspense, I will reveal the remaining 2 gifts with a final gift giveaway post soon, so make sure you come back to see what goodies awaits you.

For my first gift, I am giving away this beautiful and dreamy calender with this Parisian theme to it. The images inside are really dreamy, inspiring, and yes, Parisian!!! The lovely macaron image was enough to make me want to go back to Paris immediately.

The calender is categorized by weeks and there are no set years or dates on it, which is a great idea, as it gives you the flexibility to start whatever month or year you wish to. You can even use it next year if you have such good patience and can refrain yourself from not opening this little darling. There are also lined pages at the back of each month where you can scribble down your weekly inspirations, thoughts, or the good old “to do list”.

To enter this gift giveaway is very simple. All you need to do is follow me on WordPress and bloglovin, and leave a comment here or at the final gift giveaway post, and telling me why you should win.

Please enter by April 16 (Monday) and I will pick a winner. Don’t forget to provide an e-mail address so i can contact you if you win. And one more good news, this is open to all countries so best of luck everyone!!!



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13 responses to “Gift Giveaway: A bit of Paris to you…

  1. Lovely! I follow you in wordpress and blogloving (princesagr)
    Why I should win? Hm, probably because I won’t ever visit Paris, so seeing it in the diary, is a bit of Paris I might see 🙂

  2. Clare

    So cute!!! I follow you on WordPress and on Bloglovin’. I should win because I am going to Paris next summer. So I need to prep 🙂

  3. Great giveaway! I’m a follower via Bloglovin. I’d love to win as I need to be more organised and the diary will really help.

  4. swisshera

    Hi girl, it looks like it is working 🙂 Love the Parisian calendar so cute!!
    Happy birthday to your 3rd year of blogging here. How much did I miss out?
    hehehe!! xoxo!! Keep it up and have fun trip in BJ.

  5. Hey Cinz! You are so sweet for doing this giveaway! And congrats on a great 3 years! I love reading your blog and catching up with you and your adventures.

  6. Con Con

    Your blog is awesome and luv the themed posts accompanied by awesome pics. Following you from Beijing is not easy, it requires a stable Internet connection and a VPN or tunnel to access your blog as it is blocked by the wonderful China gov. This would be one of the main reasons I think I should win! ^_^. Have a lovely weekend Cinz! Xoxo

  7. Shirley

    First of all. I love your blog!!! It’s a really good recap of just knowing what is happening out there in the fashionista world!! Also love your personal taste. You must have some lucky great friends that gets to hang out with u too!!

    I believe I deserve to win bc I always wanted to go to Paris and eat macoroons. Although I don’t know how to pronounce macoroons properly!! But also I need to get organized!!!

    Wish me luck then. Xoxo. Shirley

  8. What a cute give away!
    In reply to your message- yeah how gross is stinky tofu? I can smell it a mile away…definitely not my favourite, give me durian any day instead haha. HK is full of Japanese places, I’m sure there are restaurants that are even better than the one I visited!

    Yeah my family say they take the views for granted but they said that they do really appreciate the views of HK. It’s definitely one of my favourite things, seeing all the lights all lit up in everyones apartments.

  9. Lovely give-a-way and thanks for your comment!! I havent been blogging lately though will be getting back into it soon ;))

    I believe I deserve to win because this will simply inspire me to get writing, eating and enjoying life 😉


  10. Thanks so much for having this giveaway, Cinz!
    I’m a huge fan of planners and calendars and journals–anything i can write in and start organizing all my thoughts, plans, ideas, and events! I would most definitely use it every day seeing as it’s not only super useful, but extremely chic and gorgeous!
    much love,

  11. szappanbubi

    So pretty gifts !

    I Think I LOVE to win but why should i? Cause I’ve never been to Paris so then it could give me a little pre-French-taste of everything from over there 🙂 (till I get out there and feel it on my own skin :))
    maybe that’s it!
    Following via wordpress as szappanbubi and bloglovin via my email
    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  12. Yay! I’m not too late 🙂 What a lovely calendar…I love to organize my plans so this will definitely help!

  13. May

    Wow! Congratulations on three brilliant blogging years my dear! That’s just fabulous! That calendar is just so pretty….and I can’t wait to see the other two gifts too! Its so exciting! 🙂
    Thanks for your wonderfully sweet comment my lovely! The band Mayday is from Taiwan and yes….I did do the beehive myself! Glad you like the beehive….think you have inspired me to do a ‘how-to’ follow up post on the beehive! 🙂 Hope you are having a fabulous break in Beijing and I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures!! Happy Easter sweety!
    May xx

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