Current Lust: ballet flats!

As the time gets closer to my Easter mini vacay to Beijing to visit my dear BFF, the more i have been on the look out/obsession for ballet flats! Yes, i am in desperate needs of some comfy shoes that i can walk in for a million hours and sadly, that does not include trainers (sneakers) on my list.

If there is one big fashion no no on my list, it must be this one. The only time you will ever catch me wearing trainers is at the gym or if i’m going to do some hard core traveling, which i know requires a lot of walking. I’ve already been to Beijing before and the main purpose for this vacay is to relax and spend time with my dear BFF, so the walking part is the least to worry about.ย  If anything, it will be more like long chats over cake and coffee in the local cafes,ย  trying out the local bars and Chinese restaurants, and having a girlie sleepover in her lovely spacious flat for 5 wonderful days. I am already getting so excited thinking about it!!!

I was also super lucky enough to find a pair of stylish beige snake print ballet flats after work last night. I was sooo over the moon and it was like, mission completed! I will post a photo of the flats in my “Snapshots of my week” post tomorrow so stay tuned! And with that, i leave you some gorgeous and inspiring photos of the infamous ballet flats in the name of fashion!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend!!!

Ballet flats street style

Ballet flats spotted on celebrities

Ballet flats inspirations

Photo source: We Heart It



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6 responses to “Current Lust: ballet flats!

  1. I love flats. I’m planning to live in them all summer. I can’t wait. I love all this inspiration.

  2. swisshera

    Oh yes, comforty shoes!!! I was in the same situation when we were going to Italy and I needed something so comforty for mountainous walking, water proof and stuff for the was quite a hunt.

    I always always have a thing for these ballerina flats, and guess what – my legs are too thick for them. I am so envious of our friends Ms. Randomness, she can just wear any flats she wants and be okay. I am sure these flats with look fab on you, although I have yet to see you on with them. It would be cute and sweet for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Do share!

  3. I confess I hated flats until only very recently. Kate Spade have some wonderful colours and J Crew too – do look at these! I really liked Alexa Chung’s outfit here, she’s becoming a major girl crush for me!

  4. These pics are so pretty. I love ballet flats! It’s hard to find ones that are comfortable enough to travel in all day though. Maybe it’s because I walk too much when I travel lol.

  5. i’m in LOVE with that little girl in the trench coat and ballet flats! why can’t she be mine?

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