Snapshots in a week…

This week was insanely busy as i was working towards a deadline to complete the newsletter for the April issue, for the Toastmasters Club that i have recently joined.  With such a tight schedule, i forced myself to go home straight after work for 3 days consecutively this week and hence, i didn’t manage to capture too many snapshots of my week.

Although, on my way home from work earlier this week, i passed by this cute little pop up shop that were selling some French goodies. The pop up shop is called “La Madeline de Proust” and everything there looks simply too beautiful to resist!

The sales lady told me that those round things are Macarons lookalike but if you ask me, i think they taste the same. The only difference would be that these are slightly harder in terms of its texture and there’s no creamy filling in the center. There were floral and fruit flavors to choose from ranging from ginger,violet,jasmine, rose, lychee, and apple. I bought little Ms. Violet home with me that night. Final verdict?I  say Macarons are still the best.

I also passed by this display in the middle of the shopping mall that i really liked. It’s by a Chinese designer and I just really liked the way the outfits were designed.

Over the weekend, i managed to be really productive and i’m quite pleased to say so. I started my Saturday morning with a facial treatment that lasted for 2 hours and then headed to my local restaurant to grab some food to eat. I had the lunch set and it included a delicious cream and mushroom soup for “soup of the day”, along with my chicken steak with baby potatoes and a icy cold lemon tea.

It was such a nice day to just chill by myself and enjoy the sunny day. Shortly after, i went to get my shoes fixed and quickly had a hair cut to get a trim, and like lightning,  i rushed to town to attend my evening class for Photoshop, which lasted for 3 hours! Boy, that was some crazy 3 hours just sitting there and listening to the class whilst writing notes. I kinda had the feeling like i was back to school.

Today was a beautiful day to say the least. I had per-organized a date with my girls to enjoy a Sunday brunch at this beautiful out of town location called Stanley, in celebration for our friend’s birthday. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and sun beaming and it was just the best day we have had in weeks!

Arriving to Stanley for our friend's birthday brunch

I had booked a table for4 at “ROCKSALT”, which serves western food such as pizzas, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, all day breakfast, salads, and some lovely selections of fresh juices, tea, and dessert.

Wagyu Beef Burger with Potato Wedges

Yummy runny Eggs Benedicts

Happy birthday to our dearest Shirley!!!

We spent hours chatting away updating on each others busy lives while we enjoyed our food, and it was a simple yet lovely day relaxing with my girls. After eating all that food, we decided to take a stroll along Stanley and to intake all of the nature that it had to offer. We also got really lucky and managed to witness the sunset just in time. We saw a lot of beautiful flowers along the way and i simply couldn’t resist and started taking photos of anything that took my breath away.

I also wore my newly purchased ballet flats for our Stanley excursion as i wanted to test out and see if they were comfy. After wearing them for the whole day and night, i have to say, they are really comfy!!! I am definitely gonna bring these cute babies for my trip to Beijing!!! What’s even better is that i got them during sale and it was further deducted from my membership discount where it came down to a grand total of HK$369, good purchase indeed!

As we walked along the shops and stalls in Stanley market, there was the usual tourist attractions such as mini Chinese budda statues, lots of sarongs and flip flops for beach wear, Hong Kong themed magnets and post cards, and the list goes on.

On the other handle, i spotted something slightly different, i saw some really gorgeous scarves  that came in all sorts of patterns.  I really liked the leopard printed ones but i refrained myself from buying anything. I’m sure i can find something like this when i shop in Beijing, hehe.

We spotted a local cafe “Lucy’s on the Front” as we finished out walk and decided to sit down for some tea and cake. We ordered earl grey and cappuccino and for cakes, we chose my fave carrot cake and chocolate brownie. As my friend was craving for some savory food, we also got french fries which came in 9 different types of sauce. The fries tasted really good in all the sauces so it was a good call we ordered it. As night time came and the weather was getting pretty windy, we decided to leave lovely Stanley with a happy smile on our face.

The night view of Stanley before we said our good nights to this lovely place. We will be back…..

So what have you all been up to this week? I would love to know.



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6 responses to “Snapshots in a week…

  1. You had me at “French goodies”! Oh, and all those delicious photos of food. That Chinese designer is also very cool. Such an eye-catching window display. btw, congrats on joining this new newsletter of yours!

  2. What a delicious week you have had!! Those flowers are beautiful xx

  3. Sounds like an amazing week. Your friends birthday looks like it was a lot of fun and the food and view look amazing.
    And the macaroon lookalikes look delicious. Totally craving macaroons right now.

  4. swisshera

    Sounded like a really lovely weekend! Girl you always manage to fit in 50 things in a day, impressively! Can’t wait to see you soon, and wish you a fun fun fun BJ trip! Stay warm btw.

  5. Looks like macarons to me hehe. The grey dress looks so cool. I love how productive you are Cinz!

  6. Wow my week has been very lazy in comparison! I really like your snapshots posts Cinz, a chance to get to your your life a bit better. I loved the sound of those fries with 9 kinds of sauce lol. Stanley looked very pretty, too.

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