Easter break in Beijing

As those that follow my blog will know, i’m off to Beijing, China, for my Easter vacay. My BFF and i are going to see our other BFF who is currently working there. We are flying from Shenzhen, another region within China, as it costs a lot cheaper than flying from Hong Kong. I am so not looking forward in waking up at 5am to catch our morning flight at 8am!!! I heard that it can get quite chaotic at the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, so we thought it be best to be earlier than usual to avoid any last min problems.

I actually went to Beijing in 2006 during its coldest period in December so i’m really looking forward to a more warmish Beijing this time. But i did hear that it can drop as low as 3 degrees Celsius, and to think we are already in April!!! The weather is really going crazy.

Photo source: we heart it

With that said, i’ll be away from blogging once again but i’ll be sure to take plenty of photos to capture each and every moment. Until then, i hope you all have a fabulous Easter holiday whether you are traveling or staying home with your loved ones.

See you all in a weeks time!!!!



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10 responses to “Easter break in Beijing

  1. Totally jealous. Hope you have an amazing time. Can’t wait to see pictures of Beijing. I’ve never been. Although, we used to venture into Shenzen a lot when we lived in Hong Kong.

  2. Thank you so much for checking in with me – it’s been a VERY tough semester, work has been busy, etc. I thought I was busy with night school in the past – but WOW this semester is really the worst one so far! Im not complaining, though – I purposely crammed in as much as I can now so my last semester in august-december is more relaxing. Just a few more weeks 🙂

    HAVE A GREAT TIME!! enjoy the holiday! 🙂

  3. Enjoy your time in Beijing! Happy Easter Cinz!

  4. Have fun Cinz! Looking forward to seeing your trip photos 🙂

  5. May

    Have a fabulous Easter break sweety!!
    May x

  6. swisshera

    Welcome back!! Hope you had a blast!

  7. this sounds like an amazing trip! Please take lots of pictures – I’ve never travelled in this part of the world but I would love to. Enjoy!

  8. My family went to Beijing during the Easter too. They went back to HK, and took a few days out to travel out to China. I’ve yet to see their photos, but apparently, according to my mum, I missed out big time! They really enjoyed their trip! Thanks for being patient with me and my blog. I had to have some down time to sort some things out, so temporarily deleted it for 2 weeks! x

  9. Wow Beijing. My dad’s been there, but I’ve never been. China isn’t exactly on my list of places to go, but I probably should go visit HK where my parents were born. Everyone’s always so appalled when they hear I haven’t been to China! Have lots of fun, and show us any goodies you aquire!

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