And the winner goes to…

The entry for the gift giveaway has officially closed and i am pleased to say, i finally picked a winner!!!! I am super excited about this announcement  for my very first gift giveaway so without further ado…

Big congratulations to Clare!!!!

I will email you for your details very soon!!!



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5 responses to “And the winner goes to…

  1. Clare

    oh my word! ME?! how EXCITING!!

  2. Congrats Clare!! And a m-m-macaron cake?! Heaven!

  3. I have decided that a Macaron cake would be perfection. I am totally requesting one at some point!

    Also totally getting some of those matcha oreos that you instagrammed…they look so yummy and unusual! Might buy some as gifts to take back to the UK hahaha.

    Yeah you have to try C’est la b or their other shop in central. Their Raspberry and Lychee cake is AMAZING. I need to eat it again 😀

  4. Yay, congrats Clare! Sorry I didn’t have time to enter! I’ve been so busy studying for finals 😦 BUT! I am heading to HK next week.. maybe I will run into you 😉

  5. Yayy Claire~!


    p.s. This picture is lovely, such a celebration xx

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