Freckle Faced

Having a freckle face might have gotten you into some bullying or name calling sessions when you were in middle school but times have so changed since then!

Over the years, we have witnessed more freckle faced women in the media, be it models or celebrities, and quite frankly, it’s kinda sexy!  I’m not sure about you but I say yes to freckle faced, and it is definitely a beauty in its finest form.

It is such a distinctive feature on the human body and  brings so much more interest to a person’s appearance. And this is evident as we see people embracing their freckles rather than covering it up with layers of foundation and powder!

So what’s your take on for the freckle faced?

Photo source: we heart it



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4 responses to “Freckle Faced

  1. I’ve heard it said that a face without freckles is like the sky without the stars.

    Great post!

  2. A freckle face is totally sexy! And these models just prove it!!

  3. Yes Cin, it is very unique to an individual and it is sexy! Those who embrace it makes it even more beautiful 🙂

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