The pink in you!

As a little girl at a very young age, i remember i always loved to dress up girlie where i would be in floral and ruffle dresses along with lace or bow shoes but most of all, i loved pink! This love interest grew even stronger after i met Barbie!

Well, time has gone a long way since then but my love for pink still remains and i’m glad to say, in a much more stylish sense compared to my early childhood years. Phewww…what a relief, i bet ya all thinking!!! lol

I know pink (especially hot pink) can seem like a very daunting and scary color to try out as it screams “look at me! look at me!”. But i really think it is down to how you dress the pink in you! The key is always to find a balance with colors and don’t go over board by dressing pink from head to toe. A big no no unless you are Lady Gaga!!! You can either pick one piece of clothing or accessory (be it bag, shoes, bangle, shades, etc) that is pink. The ways to play around with it is endless!

Here are some inspiring pink photos that caught my attention and i’ve decided to share them with you. Hopefully these lovely images will spark up some inspirations for you ladies.

And if you carefully look around you, i’m sure you will find your own pink inspiration in no time!

Photo source: we heart it



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7 responses to “The pink in you!

  1. I’m a big fan of pink 🙂 it’s a colour that complements your skin so very well, I love it. As a little girl I would run around in my ballet things, dancing in the house, feeling pretty in all this pink 🙂

  2. Lovely post! Great pictures! Thanks for collating them and sharing them 🙂

  3. I LOVE pink so I absolutely loved your post!

  4. Ok, these pictures are making me wear pink ALL THE TIME. I went off it during my ‘tomboy’ years in my teens, but I’m in love with pinks again, and want to wear them more!

  5. Clare

    Pink if my most favorite color ever. I love that photo of Miranda

  6. I love pink! I can imagine most of us grow up wanting anything and everything pink! I just got my crazy pink nail polish but don’t think I can pull it off!! But you always manage to rock these bright bright color! You look great in Chiffon and nude too though

  7. Of course I enjoy your blog, I am here every day! I need to learn to make my presence known :-)…. Miranda’s dress is gorgeous. Great post, as usual!

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